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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i,
ATVI reported earnings today and shares are down over 5%....and considering initiating 2% position for 3 year hold.

How were the earnings and how do you view company going forward? What is your opinion on this company and would you be interested in starting a new position?

Why/why not and if so, what would you consider good entry price.....Suggestions for alternatives in same space?


Read Answer Asked by jim on August 05, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,
I made a mistake of not investing in AMD with a proper weight this stock deserved (with all the new chips). So now what to do? How do you view AMD's future?
SOXX 1.75%, Q 2%, UCTT 2%, AMD 1%, ICHAR 0.5%
My end goal is to fold individual stocks into SOXX eventually but perhaps AMD deserves an increase in its weight to 3% given the momentum?

Read Answer Asked by JR on August 05, 2021

Q: Hi team. Two of my most "unsure" holdings are pltr and mgni. I was wondering how you feel about these long term. Would you continue to hold them? I was considering adding to TOI with the proceeds if I were to sell one, or both of them. What would be your suggestion for the long term here? Or is there any other of your absolute favourites at the moment that I should be buying today instead of holding pltr and mgni? Note that I already own TTD (same sector as mgni). Thanks for your input.

Read Answer Asked by Shane on August 05, 2021

Q: Roku buckled after now a good time to buy and with perspective to your other favs such as nvda, lspd, ttd, veev or others?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 05, 2021

Q: With recent earnings releases for the above companies completed did anything specifically surprise you or excite you about their futures more so then before? Specifically Microsoft PayPal visa and Facebook.

For Google, itís revenue growth was massive (68%) for a company itís size and YouTube contributing almost the same revenue this quarter as Netflix was crazy to me. With ads growth via search not going away and cloud being a big focus for them I donít see many things stopping itÖ
What do you see as the biggest risk for it specifically other then the big scary Antitrust breakup?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 04, 2021

Q: Can you please give me your opinion on PayPal. Does the recent price drop represent a buying opportunity or is this an indication of head winds ahead. What would be your top 5 Fintech stocks for a 3 to 5 year hold. Thanks for all your expertise.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on August 04, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and 5i Research, You guys have been doing excellent job educating investor like me what to buy and making good decisions about investing , thank you for that.
My question is about DND.TO, the management had a offer to take this company private and offer price is $50.50 but share price of this company has not been reached and bounce back and forth between $46 to $48, what is the expire date for this?

Read Answer Asked by Ramesh on August 04, 2021

Q: I have been invested in this company for many years. I'm receiving a small dividend that was cut in half several years ago. Over the years they have changed their primary operation from a patent troll to an investment corporation. They even won a court case over Apple (patent infringements) but have yet to be compensated. Are you aware of any positive corporate actions that may make Quarterhill more investable over the next few years. They are reporting next week and I am concerned that things may not have gone as well
as expected. Would you continue to hold on or would you throw in the towel.
Ed in Montreal

Read Answer Asked by ed on August 03, 2021