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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: If 5i had 3 US model portfolios (income, balanced, and growth), which model portfolio(s) would you put NVDA into and what weighting would you currently have it around or where would you start trimming? Would you consider it one of those ones where you let it keep running as a winner and trim it along the way (e.g., year to date of 30+%)?

Read Answer Asked by Justin on January 30, 2023

Q: I currently own GOOG, MSFT and NVDA and want to round out my tech holdings with a 3% investment in one last stock. Can you please provide three options - in order of preference - that you believe would make strong additions to my existing portfolio? I would also be interested in the rationale for each of your picks. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on January 30, 2023

Q: Hi, and thanks for all the advice.

I own the following in a unregistered account.
I'm in the red for all of them, BMBL down 59%, ETSY down 30% and PINS down 58%. They have all moved quite nicely in the last month so not sure to hang or or sell.
Do you think that these stocks will recover within 2 years or should I be looking to sell some or all and replace them with something else.
Please list what I should be selling and what I should be replacing them with.
Also your reasons for the swap and a good entry point.


Read Answer Asked by Joe on January 30, 2023

Q: Shop has an extremely high churn rate.
That means that they cannot retain their customers.Many businesses try Shopify but throw in the towel after a while as its not customers friendly.
With higher fees the churn rate will even be higher.
Why does nobody see this and you do not mention it either.
This will go the way of Nortel eventually?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on January 26, 2023

Q: Hi, Thanks for your conviction and rock solid positive view on the company helping many of us to remain calm when stock was selling off during last quarter of 2022. In more than many ways, stock price has supported your thesis, latest proof being company's ability to increase their prices by 33%. Do you think that last 3 weeks move and specially Today's 11% move in a day was caused by fundamental reasons like this price increase, Deutsche Bank upgrade and market expectation of strong results ? Or, it's the short sellers caught off guard and running for cover ? We know that 5i increased SHOP position recently in the Balanced Portfolio( and we followed suit ), which proved to be a great tactical move !! Has the recent price action influenced your outlook on the company and its stock, for better or worse ? Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on January 26, 2023

Q: Hello 5i,

I have small 0.8% positions, in both PINS and APPS, in an unregistered account.

Looking for advice on possible consolidation:

1) Consolidate APPS into PINS
2) Consolidate PINS into APPS
3) Consolidate both APPS and PINS into TTD, PERI or MELI.
4) Do nothing.

5+ year time-frame with high risk tolerance.


Read Answer Asked by Lee on January 26, 2023

Q: Hi Peter,

Can chatGPT replace google as a search engine ( Have read this in some news stories) ? Also, Bing is going to soon have a link for chatGPT on its home page.

Does google have a moat around itself, is it so easy to beat/replace google ?

Should we exiit Google and move to MSFT before this happens.....or is it safer to sell Google and move to something like QQQ or VGT ?

Does having those billions of indexed search pages that google have, give it a moat ?
This would be a more apt question for a IT guy....but a lot is at stake here.

Please share your views.

Read Answer Asked by HARRY on January 25, 2023

Q: I'm primarily a growth investor with a tolerance for risk. I do not have any semi-conductor companies in my portfolio. I was considering AMD or NVDA but I'm not wondering if AEHR might be good play to consider since it does chip testing. It does seem to be growing revenue quickly and surprising the market with it's earnings. What comments/advice do you have wrt to how I should think about the chip players including the high tech testing play that AEHR offers? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Marc on January 25, 2023

Q: Have just sold MAGT after the news of the takeover. Looking to use the funds to top up one of 4 smaller technology positions, KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI. Already have full positions in CSU and DSG. How would you rank KXS, NVEI, TIXT and TOI for an add now, and I would appreciate a couple of reasons for the one or two you like best. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 24, 2023