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Review of Kinaxis Inc

NOV 27, 2020 - Kinaxis’ fundamentals continue to improve and the company continues to strengthen its market position with a leading flagship solution. Rating maintained at ‘B+’.

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5i Recent Questions

Q: In a $700000 plus portfolio, cash, TFSAS & RRIFs I own the following securities in the indicated percentages.
AQN-4.1%;BAM.A- 3.27: BEPC-2.08: BNS-3.69:
BYD-3.79: CAE-4.22: CAR.UN-3.6: EIF-4.13: ENB-3.1: GSY-4.73: KXS-2.6:LSPD-10.11: MG-3.36: PBH-3.37: SLF-2.5: T-3.79: TFII-2.94: THNK-1.55: VFV-3.67: VGG-7.94: WELL-4.14: WSP -4.28: CRWD -3.51: VEEV-4.47: Cash-5%.
Took profit and reduced positions in TFII and KXS. To deploy this cash, are there any undervalued securities that you would consider as an appropriate addition to this portfolio? I think that growth and value can be synonymous.
What are your thoughts on CRWD. Would you continue to hold it or look for better opportunities elsewhere. If so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on January 26, 2021

Q: First of all, thank you for your amazing work. Cannot express how helpful my 5i subscription has been. Life-changing in all honesty.

My positions in LSPD (17.3%) and GSY (12.7%) have gotten a little out of hand. I was fortunate to pick them up near their lows in April. I've already trimmed both a couple of times, but I am really struggling to sell more given the positive outlook 5i has of both for the future. I've seen similar questions asked about trimming and selling positions with phenomenal growth and seen your responses suggesting to trim positions to reasonable weightings. I thought I might have an easier time doing so if you suggested some positions to add to or some new ones viewed as favourably as LSPD and GSY.

I have the following companies in a TFSA and have included the weightings only of positions I think might warrant a second look. While I anticipate a comment about weightings needing to be personal what would YOU suggest as the highest weighting for LSPD and GSY? And, again, please suggest some positions to add to or new ones.

Feel free to take question credits as you see fit.

DOO (2.1%), ATZ (2%), AW.UN, BYD
BMO, BRK-B:US, GSY (12.7%)
WELL (4%), VEEV:US (1.3%)
CAE, DAL:US, AC (1%), XBC (3%)
LSPD (17.3%), KXS (7.6%), DSG (3%), CSU, PHO (1.1%), AMD:US, CRWD:US (2.4%), U:US (2.1%), NVDA:US (0.83%), TTD:US(1.2%)
ROKU:US (1.9%), TTWO:US (1.2%), PINS:US (1.5%)

Thank you again

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on January 25, 2021
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