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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, Currently I hold NVDA, Meta, Google, and Palantir stocks in the tech sector. Could you recommend additional stocks that would complement my portfolio during this AI boom? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Esther on July 11, 2024
Q: I have a large (15-20%) holding in CSU, as it has grown really well. They say to keep running with your winners; as I continue investing, would it be better to continue slowly adding to my CSU position, or to work on diversifying my portfolio? If diversify, I am obviously looking for other stocks that will compound at a high level over the long term. At today's valuations, in which order would 5i recommend buying these other stocks? Similarly, to diversify, does it make sense to sell some CSU to reinvest in any of these other stocks? Thank you so much!
Read Answer Asked by Petra on July 08, 2024
Q: Hi, Celestica stock declined sharply, 5.5% in Thursday's trading. Following an afternoon reversal of many high flying semi names, the peripherals also followed suit and lost ground. Do you think, CLS's drop was also simply sector related or it had something to do with company's announcement of upsizing their Bank Credit facility to $1.5 Billion ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 21, 2024
Q: Magma has been falling over the last year and your comments have not been positive recently. Wondering if you would suggest switching to LNR. Is there other names in manufacturing you like?
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 20, 2024
Q: When the clock strikes midnight,Cinderella turns back to herself,but the Prince got her slipper, found her and happiness therafter.Both Great darlings,Hps.a & Cls have recently retreated from their highs,Shameful that I do not have a postion,so please advise good entry points. If I can only have one,which do U prefer? Txs for U usual great advices & services
Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 10, 2024
Q: On June the 3rd there was an answer to a question about using RSI and MACD saying these were 2 things that would give you a lot of information if the stock was worth buying. On my iTrade account CLS stock, the RSI on May 30th tells me that I may see higher prices and the price is recovering.

The MACD tells me the volume, closing price, the pattern duration (one week) difference between short and long term bars and the EMA is bullish. Could you interpret that in easier language in case I am misinterpreting it. Incidentally, today the CLS is $72.00. What I read on Scotia, it indicated the prices would be higher over the next while.

Was this an iTrade analyst who prepared this or did it come from a third party?
Thank you once again.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on June 05, 2024
Q: The stock market keeps on climbing ahead. At what point should we be careful due to valuation?
That being said, what are the top 5 Canadian and US stocks under current valuations?
Read Answer Asked by Ben on May 23, 2024
Q: Which of these 4 would you recommend for a 3 to 5 year hold and could you recommend order to buy and a comment on all? And perhaps an entry price level. Thanx.
Read Answer Asked by Steve on May 23, 2024
Q: Hello,
I have owned these 3 stocks for a few years now and doing some portfolio cleanup and wondering if still worth holding - long term. I donít trade. Can you please briefly comment on their potential individually and if some should be sold, in what order in your opinion. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Pierre on May 21, 2024
Q: Help me!
My wife and I have a competition running in our TFSA accounts, which we started a few years back with the same cash balance. She is using the classic passive ETF strategy, except we got pissed off with bonds and moved that portion into QQQ/ICLN (TDB900, 902, 911 & QQQ, ICLN)
I am actively (quite low turnover) trading CDN and US stocks and ETF's
She is handing me my ass!

My current holdings in the CDN account are ATS, BAM, BN, GSY, KXS, XIT, PBH, WELL, WSP and US account AAPL, TFII, VEEV

Ignoring sector allocations (which i still need to look into), please advise any Buy, Hold or Sell recommendations for my current holdings with a 5 year horizon
Read Answer Asked by Jim on May 08, 2024