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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: How would you rank the named companies for inclusion in a balanced portfolio today? Would the rankings shift for a growth portfolio?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on February 26, 2024
Q: Are there alternatives to MITK and BKNG that you feel would be better to have in a portfolio today?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on February 26, 2024
Q: I hold ROP HEI WSP ATS TFII AXON VRT in the industrial sector. 5i has also recommended TT TDG RTX and URI. I would like to sort out which could be sold [in whole or in part] and which could be added to. For a long-term hold, which could go and which would you advise to be the core for this sector.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 02, 2024
Q: Hi team,

Which Canadian and U.S. stocks do you see as presently having positive momentum leading to strong growth in a near future ?

Have a good day,

Jacques IDS
Read Answer Asked by Jacques on December 08, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,
In an otherwise balanced portfolio, I'm looking for some ideas for my TFSA.
Current holdings are KXS, LULU, HPS AND ATS.

I'm open to adding to the above names but was wondering if you
could you please recommend 10 Canadian and 10 US stocks that you feel would work well in a TFSA at this time in the market.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 30, 2023
Q: Industrials 12% target allocation - what allocation do you advise? I have Full positions in WSP VRT and Partial Positions in ATS TFII HEI and AXON. Based on your advice, I would also like to have positions in URI HON TRI TIH HPS.A. Need to sort out what to own as Full and partial positions. Please rank for full and partial positions with entry prices for those not owned and what to drop from this list. I have a bias for serial acquierers along the lines of CSU.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 27, 2023
Q: My daughter is looking to start an investment portfolio. What would be your top 5 Canadian and top 5 US Picks in the current market for a long term hold? Please include one ETF for Canada and US in your picks.

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on November 22, 2023
Q: This question has been asked many different ways and times. I am looking for 10 of your highest conviction, long term growth [5-10years] stocks - Canada or US, any sector - with target entry prices and short blurb on what distinguishes them.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 20, 2023
Q: For the listed companies, what would be your ranking in-terms of attractiveness if adding to a portfolio today?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on November 13, 2023
Q: Hello:
These are all underwater in US side of my TFSA. Please rate Sell, Hold or Buy.

What are a few nice growth opportunities on US side, looking 3-5 years minimum.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Marilou on November 09, 2023
Q: Could you suggest me five Canadian and Five US companies who have the most chance of going up in today's scenario or have potential to go up when the interest rates start going down.
Read Answer Asked by Satish on November 09, 2023
Q: hi,
according to portfolio tracking and analysis, I am short on basic materials, consumer cyclical, health care, industrials. im also quite short US and international equities. I prefer equities with dividends that are growing, and has some capital appreciation/growth as well. with this in mind, can you provide your top few picks in each sector please. much appreciated. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on October 26, 2023
Q: Morning 5i team,
I bough URI back in May 2023 and have done quite well over a short period of time. It's close to it's all time high and although it might have some more upside potential, it may be limited.
I'm thinking of switching from URI to AMZN for a possible better return.
What are your thoughts on the switch or should I stay the course or would you suggest a different stock to switch to.
I currently hold AAPL, GOOG, MSFT and NVDA in that account.
Your thoughts and reasons for your suggestions are appreciated.

Have a great day.

Read Answer Asked by Joe on August 31, 2023
Q: Would you please list your top 10 companies that will face severe headwinds going into a recession / renewing debt at higher interest rates / margin erosion / no pricing power / unprofitable tech? - this was asked and you said the list would longer if it was asked the other way around, can I have the list of this question asked the other way around?
Read Answer Asked by Ashleigh on August 23, 2023
Q: Hi. My son recently put 15K into a TSFA and he intends to put 10K/year into it until it is fully funded. Can you suggest, say, 8 equities/etf's (US and or Canadian) that he should buy to start his investing career? Thx. JR
Read Answer Asked by John on August 01, 2023
Q: What are your favourite companies for long term holds with strong balance sheets that are attractive from a PEG perspective today? Can you please list 5 US and 5 CAD? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Angus on July 24, 2023
Q: Please list some of your favorite U.S. growth stocks. Perhaps 5 small-cap and 5 mid-caps. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Brent on June 14, 2023
Q: 2 for 1 questions...

1- What is the average PE for the construction industry as it appears that URI misfortune may be linked to the residential slow down. What is the forward PE for URI?

2- It appears that TD is the most shorted of all banks throught the world according to Bloomberg. That's not a small statement. Having said that, would you buy now or wait for a general bank recovery?
Sorry this makes 3 questions. LOL LOL


Read Answer Asked by Yves on April 05, 2023