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Q: Thanks to your sage advice, I am up significantly (again) on NVDA. Last year, I let it run up to 10% of my holdings, sold half and purchased VRT (now up 30%). NVDA has now increased to 8% of my portfolio. I understand there are multiple drivers currently at work turbo-charging the price of this stock (earnings, stock split, upcoming DOW listing, forced acquisition by ETFs, etc.). All this prompts three questions. How large would YOU let your NVDA grow as a percentage of your portfolio before trimming? Assuming you wanted to trim, when do you think the stock price will start leveling off (assuming the absence of black swan events)? If you wanted to take some profit and invest it outside tech, what would be your three highest conviction US stocks today? AMZN, MSFT, VRT, GOOG, V, and J already held. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on June 20, 2024
Q: Everyone. If you were 30 years old today, what ten stocks (Canada or US) would you buy? Clayton
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on June 17, 2024
Q: Thanks to recently learning about CDR's, I've been able to add NVDA (already up 20%) and LLY to my portfolio, which otherwise is dominated by TSX-listed stocks.

I'm interested in five other CDR's. Please rank them from your highest conviction pick to your least favourite: Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft and AVGO.

Thank you very much for your service and advice. Pete.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 18, 2024
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