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Q: What is your opinion in MSFT and GOOG ...... Looking for some safe bets with potential for upside over 1-2 year period.... I have some money sitting in a savings account doing nothing, wanted to park that in Safer stocks with potential for some gains.....any other stocks in your opinion which would be good candidates..?

Also what is the difference between GOOG and GOOGL

Read Answer Asked by Harry on January 19, 2021

Q: Thanks 5i Team - what an excellent service!! May I have your comments on my TFSA strategy and an ETF recommendation. My TFSA is almost fully funded and divided into 3 notional "buckets". Roughly 1/3 is comprised of growth securities, selected from the 5i Growth Portfolio, with my current positions being KXS, XBC, WELL and LSPD; Roughly 1/3 is comprised of about 10 Canadian "dividend growers", about half of which are among the 5i Balanced Equity or Income Portfolios such as ENB, EIF, PBH, BIP.UN and BEP.UN and the other half well known blue-chips like T, CNR, CNQ and RY; and the final 1/3 is a single, conservative diversified ETF, currently Vanguard Conservative Portfolio VCNS, which I refer to as the "anchor". I prefer to limit the total number of securities to no more than about 20 (I am a few short of that right now) so I can adequately manage things, and I add to VCNS while awaiting opportunities to purchase positions in the other securities I own, or to sell from if cash is needed so I can continue to hold the individual growth and dividend securities. I am looking for reasonable growth in my TFSA over a 5-10 year period, and I can tolerate some risk but prefer to avoid excessive volatility or risk. My questions are: (1) are these 3 roughly 1/3 buckets a sensible approach for reasonable growth over a 5-10 year horizon or would you recommend different weightings or approaches, (2) could you recommend 1 other diversified ETF that I might consider for the "anchor" portion, and (3) could you recommend 2-3 other securities for the growth portion, to add a bit more diversification. Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on January 20, 2021
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