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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Do you have any stocks you can recommend in the battery space? I'm seeing lots of hype about solid state batteries and other battery chemistries. With the electrification of everything, battery tech is going to continue to evolve and demand seems to be massive.
Looking for both startups and established businesses.


Read Answer Asked by Jim on August 29, 2023
Q: Hi there, I am down considerably on the above stocks. Can you please advise which stocks have the greatest chance to recover in the next few years? Most are over 70% down and should I sell some to reinvest in better operating companies such as GOOG and AMZN. thank you for your time.
Read Answer Asked by Daniel on January 26, 2023
Q: I want to consider buying a small group of stocks (5-10) that would capture the future growth (my assumption) of electric vehicles. These could be vehicle manufacturers, companies supplying key input/parts or other beneficiaries of EV growth. Do you have suggestions?
Read Answer Asked by JAMES on November 16, 2021
Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I know I am way behind but I have just been reading about how autonomous-EV are going to be a hugh disrupter...I guess it is called TaaS. Does your Growth Portfolio have any exposer to this phenomena? If not do you have any suggestion of stocks that still have reasonable upside with this innovation. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on November 16, 2021
Q: Could you please rank these stocks based on a 5+ year holding for a US Growth account? Thanks!


What would be your top 3 choices right now?
Read Answer Asked by Kel on November 15, 2021
Q: In light of the independent lab confirmation of the validity of their technology and expected performance of their battery, and also with the apparent $2B investment by Volkswagen and other investors, what would your opinion of the company be now. Particularly now that theyíre working into getting into full scale manufacturing, what do you feel would be the outlook for this company.

Thanks for an invaluable service.
Read Answer Asked by Jocelyne on November 10, 2021
Q: What would you suggest as a way to gain exposure to Electric Vehicles (EVís)?

I have electric producers, as a common denominator, but wonder whether direct investment into auto or parts makers, and/or battery components (lithium/graphite) would be worthwhile.

Any suggestions for some small dabbles?
Read Answer Asked by Dano on March 01, 2021
Q: I watched a presentation on Saturday where analysts fielded audience company suggestions and whittled them down to a few that they felt could 10 X in a reasonable time frame. I am wondering if you can look at this six and rank based on potential? For the top two, it would be great if you can discuss the TAM, impact of market value and shares outstanding, if they are solving a new problem/creating a new market and quality of management. Basically, why those two?
Longview Acquisition Corp
Good RX
Boston Omaha
Clean Energy Services
Twist Biosciences
Read Answer Asked by Tim on February 10, 2021
Q: Which clothing company do you prefer between lulu, goos and atz short term and long term?

Is QS attractive back in the $60 range, or what price should you find it attractive if any at this point?

Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 06, 2021
Q: With all the buzz about electric vehicles, hydrogen, fuel cells etc are there any companies that would be leaders in the supply of infrastructure(manufacture, distribution)of charging stations, and associated parts for "refueling" vehicles of the future. These companies would seem to me to be the picks and shovels to the Klondike. Also has a standard for recharge devices been established? Surely each car manufacturer will not have its own recharge system.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on December 23, 2020
Q: Thanks for helping guide my families investments in such a crazy year. With my twins having only 4 years until university 5i's advice was a game changer in terms of returns and helping one sleep at night. Over the last week I bought two of my nephews in there early 20's a 5i subscription (which due to your generosity also gives $70 to the food bank!). I am so excited for the potential your teams sound advice will give them for years to come

While I have you, a couple questions (please charge accordingly). I am full up on tech (and then some) but was intrigued by your recent responses on MITK and RDFN. If you were to pick one which would it be? Would you use DOCU as a possible sell candidate if you needed to raise cash to buy one of them? Secondly, would you buy either QS or CRSP after there meteoric rises?

Thanks and happy holidays,
Read Answer Asked by Brian on December 23, 2020