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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have owned APP's for 1.5 years and am down significantly (70%). I know you have been generally optimistic about its fundamentals but I guess I need some reassurance in these turbulent times.

Do you still find their fundamentals and growth prospects compelling? And if you so could you explain what makes it an attractive HOLD or BUY. Respecting there is no crystal ball do you feel that in 12 months things will look rosier for the stock?

Many thanks to you all for your steady hand in such rough market conditions!

Read Answer Asked by Wes on September 27, 2022

Q: Thanks for your very thorough response to my question in regards to CRNC. What other companies trading in the U.S. with a similar market cap to CRNC, regardless of sector, do you see as great bounce potential once markets turn around?

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on September 27, 2022

Q: Hello 5I,
I am down 55% or Apps.
Just wondering if you would hold on on switch into something else. Looking for something with similar upside of course.

Read Answer Asked by Tyler on September 02, 2022

Q: which ones would you sell first for tax loss reasons?
And what would you have as replacement?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on August 25, 2022

Q: Peter, for a portion of my portfolio Iím looking for companies with 8-10 bagger potential over the medium term, say 3 years. Please provide your 5 best cdn. and u.s. names for such potential gains. Regards Greg

Read Answer Asked by Greg on August 16, 2022

Q: I got caught in the recent drop with too much US tech. I have positions in these companies, all down more than 50%. I don't need to consolidate, but could if it means a stronger recovery. Looking toward a recovery in the market, do you see any holdings that have a lesser chance of recovery, that should be sold to add to another position that has a better chance of recovery? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Kim on August 15, 2022

Q: hi folks, thoughts/opinion of Q1/23 results for Digital Turbine Apps/ most beaten tech stocks...numbers & guidance seemed okay..not great...but they are profitable, & company seems to be doing better than others in their Sector...took full positon at $20sh and very happy to hold thru the tech rout...merci beaucoup for all you do...jb Piedmont QC

Read Answer Asked by John on August 09, 2022

Q: Hello Peter,

In light of the quarterly performance of Meta and Roku, what is your short to medium term outlook for the 3 companies mentioned above? Will they still be candidates for overperforming in a recovery bounce when the market is done with the downward trend.?

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on August 02, 2022

Q: We hold the following in a registered US$ 'growth' account . The list shows % each represents of our total US/CAN portfolio and current Gain/Loss position.

1. Anything in this list that you would toss out ?

2. With QCOM nearing 5% of portfolio and 100% gain, am thinking of reducing back to 2.5 and redeploying. Your thoughts on what to add to with proceeds Ė if anything ?

MTTR 0.2% -82%
CROX 0.4% -9%
META 0.4% - 25%
BKNG 1.0% -10%
APPS 1.2% -72%
U 1.2% -68%
TEAM 2.3% +22%
CRWD 3.0% -13%
MSFT 3.0% +85%
NVDA 3.7% +38%
QCOM 4.8% +92%

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on July 29, 2022

Q: For aggressive growth investors what 5 small/mid cap stocks in the U.S. are you bullish on right now. Lots of time on my side.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on July 04, 2022

Q: I sold TTD and AMZN to realize a tax loss more than 30 days ago and I know that I can buy them back today with no issues. I bought ROKU and SHOP respectively as proxies a week later with the proceeds. They are both down (I guess things don't always work out!). The first question is can I sell both of these and claim a tax loss despite my not having owned them for 30 days?

Secondly, I am assuming you would recommend buying AMZN back (not that you don't like SHOP) but would you still re-purchase TTD? Does APPS offer a potentially better return? Or might you stay the course with ROKU? It appears to me that these companies are similar businesses.

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on June 17, 2022