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Q: Hi Team,
I am an aggressive investor, which paid off lovely in 2020, but now am being crushed. I hold the following stocks (with weightings in brackets) in total in my brokerage accounts. Could you have a quick look and tell me how this basket looks "In general"? And if you see this basket doing well over the longer term (say 5-10yr hold), pointing out any suggested changes you would make, if any are "sells" or worth switching out. Note that if I sell any GSY it would incur tax (the weighting is large because the position has grown and have been a firm believer in the company as its valuation still looks cheap and am collecting a nice div off it as well). I am 42yrs old so retirement is a ways away and my goal is maximum returns with reasonable risk until retirement. Please deduct credits as required. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shane on January 19, 2022

Q: I get that there is money moving out of growth (tech) and into other areas of the market. However, all the mentioned names here have CAGR of > 25% amongst other great fundamentals (free cash flow, equity,...). So long as fundamentals don't change, I can't see any reason to sell - only to add to these names on this opportunity. So long as business grows (and >25% is huge!) all these should be winners in the long term, no?

I've experienced significant whiplash with most of these stocks but am optimistic that with a longer timeline I should be okay.

I'm hoping for two things in your response:
1. Giving me comfort that my thinking is correct and if I hold on I should be okay, and;
2. Of the list, the one stock you would add to today.

Thx for the comfort,


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on January 18, 2022

Q: I regularly use Globe Investor some terminology used by professionals on these sites and TV require some explanation. For instance, i.e. Trade Desk just as an example, the price/earnings (TTM) 142.2; earnings per share (TTM) 0.57;
Doing my math the share price 79.00 @ 11:00 a.m. divided by 0.57 = 138.59
Am I right you would be paying 138.59? Above I said the PE was 142.2 doing my math would the PE now be 138.59? I realize every move in the stock price changes the PE slightly.
Another frequently used termination is free cash flow. Please explain. I know I have the right people to explain the above.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on January 09, 2022
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