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Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm considering selling my slumping AYX and replacing it with either JD for some China exposure, CRWD, or CRM. Just wondering if I can get your thoughts on this and a ranking for a five year hold. I would be selling AYX with a small gain, but I know it's not expected to do much in the short term and maybe prospects are better elsewhere? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Bradley on September 23, 2020

Q: "Hello 5i team,

As we approach election season and Q4, the markets look to be taking a bit of a downturn that is reminiscent of earlier this year in Feb/Mar.

What are your thoughts on what's ahead for Q4 in terms of buying? Are there any industries and/or names that you would suggest to focus on?

Specifically, I am considering AAPL, MA, SHOP, SQ and AMZN on the current correction, given the upcoming holiday and gift buying season is likely to have a lot of ecommerce action and new apple toys, with payment processing being a natural fit.

If you could suggest your views on which industries and names have typical strength Q4 that would be appreciated.

Thanks very much! "

Read Answer Asked by TRINA on September 23, 2020

Q: Can you suggest me 10 Growth stocks in Canada/US. Time horizon is 10-15 years. Investment style is BUY AND FORGET.

Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 10, 2020
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