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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am considering the above companies. Are there any that you would not purchase at this time. Would you kindly order them in terms of quality and potential growth.

Read Answer Asked by Catherine on September 14, 2023

Q: For AI, which companies are in the best position to benefit from having the largest and highest quality data sets, in addition to GOOGL ADBE and META. Please explain how they can benefit and whether they are buyable today for long-term holds.

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 22, 2023

Q: Hello 5i,
Well over a year ago I made a note to look at these five stocks when interest rates peak and/or start to drop.
Recently I have heard commentary that the recent run up in price is largely short covering.
I'd love to hear your take.
Are any in this group investible yet and in what order would you buy them.
I have an above average risk tolerance.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dave on July 13, 2023

Q: Cathie Wood - “For every dollar of hardware that Nvidia sells, software providers, SaaS providers will generate 8 dollars in revenue.” (from A.I.)

Fact or fiction? If fact what SaaS names would be of most interest?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on June 06, 2023

Q: I own SNOW and am down 30%. It has been loudly touted as a future all star stock by folks like Brad Gerstner. But hasn’t lived up to the hype and is about 1/2 of previous highs.

With all the focus on and interest in AI, am I better to hold or add to Snow or sell and buy one or more stock that looks to have better upside potential. Do you have 2-3 favourites ?

Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on May 12, 2023

Q: Its pretty obvious that AI is going to be a big investment thesis this year and likely for a number of years. It looks like it will be very disruptive, which will create investment opportunities. With that will come hype and promotion of low quality companies that will get propped up in the wave of AI. Like crypto, NFT's, etc etc I think AI will probably be the next craze, and a lot of money will be made and lost. But so far the only recommendations I'm reading about are mega caps like Nvidia, Apple, GOOG which can do well but they aren't going to be multibaggers. Do you have any insight into smaller companies that may benefit most from this AI boom? Looking for game changing smaller companies that have the best chance at multibagger gains? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 18, 2023

Q: Hello 5i!
Would you please list your top 10 companies that will face severe headwinds going into a recession / renewing debt at higher interest rates / margin erosion / no pricing power / unprofitable tech?
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Etienne on April 17, 2023

Q: Good Morning 5i,

We have an opening in two of our accounts.
For a 1% flyer which would you recommend: MITK or SNOW?
For a 1/2 position in our TFSA: GOOS or ATZ

Thank you
Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on April 14, 2023

Q: Can you tell us your top 3 companies in the world that you would buy if valuation was not important. What i'm looking for is your favorite 3 companies that have too high of a valuation right now but if they pull back further they would be a definite buy? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on March 21, 2023

Q: My question is about share compensation. My understanding is that, share compensation is recorded at fair market value at the time of issue. I wonder how many companies recorded higher costs for share compensation and lower GAAP profits, given last year's run up in valuations? Year over year the amounts seem out of whack for many companies.


Read Answer Asked by Leo on December 16, 2022

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I own the above noted stocks as a smaller portion of my portfolio of higher risk names. All of these names are down other than CTS. Do you see any of these names as ones that I should sell as part of a portfolio clean up?

Thanks in advance,

Read Answer Asked by Jonathan on November 16, 2022

Q: I hold three relatively small positions in each of the above, and am wondering if you could foresee one or two of them as better outperform the market over a longterm horizon (5 plus years) and thus worth consolidating towards? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on November 04, 2022

Q: I am down significantly in both Lightspeed and Upstart. I am considering replacing some or all of them with something more promising.
Perhaps you could comment on the prospects of these companies in a better market and suggest which two or 3 from this list might have better performance potential :
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Catherine on September 09, 2022

Q: Hi there, I'm thinking of adding the following stocks to my portfolio to make up a total of 3% to 5% of my overall holdings - so a relatively small amount overall. Can I please have your thoughts on them and if you'd rate them as buy, sell or holds? And if sell or hold, which names would you replace them with?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 08, 2022

Q: Good day,

I am looking for a good (over-priced) US stock to for a Put spread - one where the premium (implied volatility) is reasonable. I had a Put spread on TSLA, but got out of it when they announced the spilt (as those options, post-split, go to the liquidity wasteland). Thanks

ps. I would prefer a US stock, but if that is not doable, then CDN will do. Thx

Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 17, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,

For tax-loss selling looking for 30 day proxies for NET, SNOW and PINS.


Read Answer Asked by Lee on June 10, 2022