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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have losses in these four equities (between 10% and 25%) and was contemplating selling them. Would you continue to hold onto these equities or would you sell? What order would you sell them in?

Read Answer Asked by David on July 06, 2022

Q: I hope the 5i team and readers enjoyed a nice holiday weekend. Looking ahead to the second half of the year, what do you think weíre in for with the markets? I realize prognostications are hard to make (maybe I should say they are easy to make but hard to get right!). I get nervous because I keep seeing more doom and gloom forecasts which reference the tightening of fiscal policy in the US and ongoing inflation. I would appreciate hearing your general comments at this time. Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Jason on July 06, 2022

Q: Can you suggest some pick and shovel ways of investing in the theme that a dramatic increase in atomic energy production is the only reasonable way to produce the electric power necessary to replace fossil fuels? i.e. producers or suppliers to producers other than uranium miners.
The theory is that wind and solar both have environmental negatives as well is seasonal and 24 hour availability issues that suggest there are limits to their contribution.
Secondly how, valid do you think the premise is?
Thanks, Hugh

Read Answer Asked by Hugh on July 05, 2022

Q: Am thinking of selling to crystallize tax loss and rebuying in 30 days. My timing is usually terrible when doing this. Do you think the market will make any significant moves in the next 30 days?
What replacement stocks would you recommend to buy for the 30 days?
Is SIS worth rebuying or is there something else in the Industrial space that would be better? Was thinking of EIF.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on July 05, 2022

Q: My portfolio is split about 50-50% in C$ and US$. Over the next few years I'm bullish C$ (and A$) and bearish US$ but think shifting to something like 75-25% is risky if I'm wrong.

In this scenario does buying an ETF such as FXA with some funds in my US$ account make sense as a partial hedge against the US$? Any other strategies you could suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Eric on July 05, 2022

Q: Hi Gang

What would be your top 5 Canadian growth stocks for next five yrs

Thanks Mike B

Read Answer Asked by Mike on July 05, 2022

Q: Please rank these for a 3 year hold. I'm down in all of them, except AAPL, ISRG & TSLA


Read Answer Asked by Austin on June 30, 2022

Q: In your reply to the Danís June 27 question concerning NTR you said NTR is much larger, and much cheaper (4X earnings). When I look in your Market Data section I see no reference to 4X earnings for NTR. How was the number determined & where in the NTRís market data do I look for that number. Thanks Ö Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on June 28, 2022

Q: Russia's gas cuts are threatening the world's largest Chemicals Hub in Europe. BASF has said it may have to shut down plants if gas supplies fall further. Assuming this raises chemical prices world-wide, are there any public Canadian or US companies that might benefit? Is Methanex one of them?

Read Answer Asked by Murray on June 27, 2022

Q: I purchased SMG at US $105.10 early May 2022 and it has fallen off a cliff recently. I expected to see a short term 10% increase ... then I would sell my position.
I think this is a good company and and has a reasonable dividend but what is your outlook ...... should I continue to hold ..... or sell an buy Nutrien.
Thanks DAN

Read Answer Asked by Daniel A> on June 27, 2022

Q: Hi There,
Can you suggest a method where one can estimate the realtime Equity Risk Premium for US market and Canadian Market using ETF's. Can you also give a guide as to what values may cause investors to shift between the risky asset and the safe asset for US and Canadian markets. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 24, 2022

Q: Waiting for the other shoe to drop..." Your comments in the last update. Is there formal or informal talk that China maybe in "lockdown" for their own political reasons and to advance their cause in the world? What is your opinion on what is going on with China and Russia, could this be a co-ordinated effort to weaken the "free" world ? Thank you for any input you can provide on this topic.

Read Answer Asked by Dick on June 22, 2022

Q: I am relatively new to investing and started when the pandemic began. Since I started I feel like my learning has been like drinking from a fire hose. More of an education question: now that inflation continues to increase and central banks do what they can to slow it down, I am wondering under what conditions do central banks start to look at reducing interest rates again. I have never been through any of this before so trying to get a better understanding, especially as I look to buy a house at some point.

Read Answer Asked by Justin on June 22, 2022

Q: Hi,

I sold ATA and BYD for tax reasons as I was down on both. My original plan was to buy them back but we are now 30 days later and I'm hesitating as they are even lower. At this point, would you buy them back or look to other (better) opportunities. Would you be able to suggest same sector alternatives if I should look elsewhere?

Read Answer Asked by Marco on June 21, 2022

Q: Hi Peter
here are 3 income stocks that have been dropping recently . are there any company specific issues i should be aware of or is it the general market drop .
How do you feel these companies will fare in a recession
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Howard on June 20, 2022