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Q: In my portfolio I have following Canadian equities: AQN (4.9%), BCE (4.78%), BNS (4.64%), WXM (4.5%), SIS (3.8%), BEP (2.68%), MG (2.29%), KXS (2.03%), PBH (1.94%), MX (1.92%), COV (1.87%), TSGI (1.76%).

I have a full positions worth of cash I would like to add to my Canadian content and was wondering on your thoughts as to adding to one new stock (ATD.B, WSP, CCL.B, other suggestion), 2 half positions, or adding to my existing positions.

I have a 20 year time frame and comfortable with some risk.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 13, 2019

Q: Hi Peter and team, I'm just starting to look into setting up my RRIF and wanted to ask if 5i could recommend any good reading materials, with respect to what sort of assumptions I should make? Currently my portfolios are producing income which would equate to about the minimum I would consider withdrawing on an annual basis. This will be my only income other than CPP and OAS. Is there any benefit to equalizing my US/CAD exposures when I'm not really planning much travel to US? For example, I could replace my Telus with VZ or my RY with JPM. Thanks again for your great service.

Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 14, 2019
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