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Q: Without naming every company - I have full positions in most banks, insurance cos., utilities, pipes, telcos and renewables,

This is where I see some relative safety and the best yields.

With the dip and yields improving are there any names that stick out as very attractive and safe in going a little overweight on?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on July 07, 2022

Q: Hi, Both BCE and Telus are presently trading about 15% below their recent highs, with general market decline and perhaps due to higher interest rates scenario in the near term. Both companies have announced excellent results and dividend increase, currently yielding 5.75% and 4.75%, respectively. Analysts are generally positive on both stocks for income and some growth and have not adjusted their earnings expectations downwards. Could you please comment on their present and historical valuations.

Our understanding is that Telcos and Utilities are good sectors to own, to protect from market downturn, current as well as in a recessionary environment. do you agree ? Also, when Central banks are done with their tightening cycle, say by 2023 end, do you see the valuations of these companies bouncing back to previous highs, assuming, there is no change to their business fundamentals. Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 05, 2022

Q: Hi - I held above utility and telecome stocks. With CPI hits 40 years high in Canada, BOC will likely rise 75bps in July. Do you think income stocks will be under pressure as yeild % may not be compelling anymore due to higher GIC rate. Which names would you sale first in a risk off environment?

I value your opinion.


Read Answer Asked by QIAN on June 23, 2022
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