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Q: I hold the above stocks in my portfolio. Thinking of adding QSR. Your thoughts. Or should I keep my cash for better opportunities during tax loss period ? BEW and PNG are my play money. Playing PNG with house money.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on September 12, 2019

Q: the other day, you mentioned PPL is a favourite in the mid-stream pipeline category, I understand PPL recently made an acquisition and most likely doing an equity issue as part of the finance. I'm think of taking a position in PPL as part on my income portfolio but am wondering if should just go ahead, or take a partial position or on the other hand, wait to see if there is such an equity issuance and then buy in the open market as there is generally a pull back in the stock price at that time......thanks for your insight.....tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 09, 2019
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