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Q: Good afternoon,

Does it make sense to add BEP and BIP if I already own BAM?

I'd be buying BEP to upgrade over my current PIF holding, and BIP seems interesting for a variety of reasons, just wondered if you think I'm covered with these essentially already with BAM.A? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on July 30, 2021

Q: HI Team

I hold a small position in Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP.un) and I would like your opinion on two questions.

What is your take on the long-term prospects of BIP.un if the Inter Pipleline takeover goes through? Will it be a negative or positive long-term impact if such a large deal happens?

Also, was BIP.un ethical in using total return swaps to avoid the minimum 10% holding disclosure rule? This seems like an underhanded way to gain control of Inter Pipeline.



Read Answer Asked by George on July 13, 2021

Q: Hi Folks,
I currently own the following in my RRSP account (weightings in brackets ) - PG (4%), TD (13.5%), BNS (10%), MFC (3%), ABBV (6.5%), PFE (12%), BCE (14%), T (14.5%), AQN (6.5%), BIP.UN (6%), and ENB (6.5%).
I want to reduce my exposure to TD, BNS, BCE, T and PFE to bring them in line with the others - can you suggest some names that will complement the portfolio, keeping in mind I am looking for Income with some growth - long term hold.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on July 14, 2021
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