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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Many companies have become addicted to low interest rates over the last decade. Assuming that interest rates stay where they are for years to come (a rate once considered somewhat "normal"), do you see any problem with any of these blue chip stocks maintaining their dividend ? I'm sure over the course of the next 5 years or so some of these companies will need to renew debt at higher rates.

Read Answer Asked by James on March 17, 2023

Q: I currently own BN, BAM, BIP, and BEP. With recent decline would you be adding to these names? Can you confirm good entry points and if you would consider them a Buy/Sell/Hold.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on March 14, 2023

Q: Why are renewable energy stocks like the three names above performed so poorly in the last year or two? Isn't all governments are promoting renewable energies and these stocks should flourish and not sink?

Read Answer Asked by Victor on February 13, 2023

Q: Hi,
The company is downgraded by many firms. Has the future business plan is below investment grade compared to other Brookfield companies? Last year they acquired Westinghouse. The company has lowered dividend for past two year (2020 US$ 0.434 * 4), (2021 US$ 030375 * 4) and (2022 US$0.32 * 4). This is the weakest company among the Brookfield Group. My question is whether Westinghouse acquisition is not a profitable one or too early to say? Is it advisable to invest some amount in BRE.un just to take advantage of weakness in stock price at this time or better put money in BBU.un? I hold all the Brookfield Group companies that issues through spinoffs.

Read Answer Asked by Piyush on January 16, 2023

Q: Hello All,

Is it possible to rank my list of utility companies sorting via most financially vulnerable therefore most likely to underperform because of the increased cost of financing. i.e worst to best please.

Is that a blunt but reasonable filter?

Could it be that the "worst" companies have been so badly beaten up that they may be worth adding to for the long haul?

Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Arzoo on January 16, 2023

Q: I have both BEP.UN and BEPC in an unregistered margin account and for simplicity sake would to only hold one of them. Is there any particular advantage of one over the other in an unregistered account? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on January 09, 2023

Q: Over the past two years with the downturn of the market, I am down significantly with majority of these holdings in various accounts. I have a long-term 10+ year outlook, so looking to see if you feel any of these can be sold off given the outlook, management of the company? If so, what are your recommendations for a growth investor in either CAD/US stock options?


Read Answer Asked by Andrew on January 04, 2023

Q: I have held BEP preferred shares in an RSP for quite awhile and done well with them, but have concern over the potential new US tax implications. Despite the company assurances, I think I would sleep better just being out of BEP. After the dividend this month, my plan is to sell the shares. I am looking at ZPR, which has a somewhat similar yield, and would be much easier to trade. What do you think of ZPR and its dividend sustainability? Recognizing that preferreds have not done too well overall, would you prefer to move into something else?

As an aside, apparently the US attack on limited partnerships includes those held in an RSP. Isn't there a tax treaty that prevents this?

Thank-you, Grant

Read Answer Asked by grant on January 04, 2023

Q: My question in general is how reasonable is the current valuation for BEP.UN ?

I believe the historic high yield is somewhere around 7%, so we're a long way off from that. I think we're close to 4.9% (?)

P/C seems pretty reasonable now relative to the past, but P/BV is still high compared to the 1.1 low.

How about price/FFO ? I can never find this. What is it currently? I think the low was about 4.6 in the past.

Thanks as always for answering the above, and Merry Christmas to your AWESOME team at 5i.

Read Answer Asked by James on December 23, 2022

Q: Dear 5i,
If I understand correctly, BEPC-TO and BEP.UN-TO are identical companies.
In a perfect world they should trade at the same price and thus offer the same dividend yield. If this is the case, does it matter which one a person should purchase in their registered accounts like a RRSP? (ie would there be any witholding taxes with either one?)


Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 22, 2022

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and 5i Team,

Sorry for yet another Brookfield question! In my RRIF, I hold these three Brookfield entities: BEP.UN, BN, and BAM.

As a retired investor who likes dividends, and is underweight in utilities (due to recently selling AQN) and is overweight in financials, would you endorse selling BN and BAM, and using the proceeds to buy more BEP.UN? Or is there a flaw in my thinking?

Thanks as always for your timely advice, and happy holidays to everyone at 5i.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on December 20, 2022

Q: Do I have this straight ? As a ( Canadian ) holder of these two non American ( Bermuda )stocks, effective January 1/23, when I sell them, I will be subject to a 10% withholding tax and will be required to file a US tax return ?


Read Answer Asked by Derek on December 19, 2022

Q: What are your recommendation's for my RIFF off 125,00.00 age 83 income or balanced portfolio

Read Answer Asked by Eric on December 16, 2022

Q: In Investment (non-registered) accounts these 5 stocks are all 'under-water'. I am considering selling for 'tax loss' purposes and would appreciate your thoughts. Is this a useful approach? Are there any that merit re-purchase following 30 days 'waiting period'?

Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 15, 2022

Q: Hello Peter, Apologize as i know you have addressed this but i am still confused. I would appreciate it if you can answer each of my concerns to clarify.
1. I hold both bep.un and bip.un in RRSP and TFSA. Will there be withholding tax as of Jan 2023 in both cases and if so, is the 10 percent tax on dividends and capital gains only ? If this is the case, I am assuming the brokerage would use the ACB to calculate the gains.
2. Would it better to sell both of these and redirect monies into BN and BAM
3. If i decide i don't want to deal with the tax , can i simply exchange both for bipc and bepc and if so, am I not losing as the prices of bipc and bepc are much higher and dividends are lower yield wise
4. Lastly if there is withholding tax on tfsa and rrsp, how do we recover it..
5. Could the tax just be on tfsa and not rrsp as rrsp is normally exempt from any withholding of dividends etc
Sincere thanks and happy holiday season..

Read Answer Asked by umedali on December 14, 2022