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Q: Have held KXS for several years.. I’m wanting to replace it with better growth…already hold CSU, TOI, LMN, SHOP, DSG, GSY, WSP…
Read Answer Asked by Ron on February 21, 2024
Q: Not a question, but a comment. And not sure if it’s relevant or not.

I’ve been involved in the electrical industry for 35+ years and have been aware of Hammond from a users perspective for much of that time. They’re noted for having good equipment, debatably the Honda or Toyota of relatively small dry type electromagnetic gizmos. Not the least expensive, but good value. It’s reliable, available, and therefore rather ubiquitous in industrial electrical rooms. I own the company not only because of your endorsement but because I like their products.

Similar comment with Powell. Pretty good equipment from a technical perspective and reasonably priced. Good innovators and flexible offerings. They seem to be winning lots of fully evaluated tenders.

One last comment. If privately-owned Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. ever goes public, consider buying. Fabulous relays and communication equipment for the utility and industrial power system space, and exceptional service.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 19, 2024
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