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Review of TFI International Inc

APR 18, 2022 - TFII is a transportation and logistics company that has cemented its industry-leading position by consolidating what is currently a highly fragmented industry. We feel that the company may encounter some headwinds with the rising cost of fuel, increased supply chain, and labor constraints. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: Hi, There has been recent commentary and reports from analysts that trucking sector is witnessing a slowdown and getting hurt with lower rates. They also say that these headwinds may persist for at least later half of this year. ( or longer, depending upon, how recession scenario plays out ). Recent results from companies in the sector has only confirmed this.

Specific to TFI, analysts have commented that the discount is already reflected in the current valuation and M&A will likely offset the slowdown impact to certain extent, over time. However, consensus is that any near term recovery is unlikely.

We have a small <1% position in TFII and were contemplating to eliminate it and use the funds to add to existing 1% position in CP or to further add to ATS { better momentum and visibility ).

What are your thoughts ?

Thank You

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on May 26, 2023

Q: Hi group what your out look on last Oct lows. Will we see those lows tested on this pullback? so should i wait to start adding to my portfolio or start nibbling I am sitting on 30% cash on 500K total value portfolio

2nd question -I presently own the following and want to add to them in what order and time frame? would you start to nibble CSU, BYD.CA, COST, CSU, KXS, ATZ, L, GSY, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, NVEI,BN, BAM, SBUX, MSFT,AAPL, TECK, FTS, TFII, ENB, QQQ, GDXJ, GDX

Thanks for your valued opinion

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 25, 2023

Q: With an emphasis on growth and a 5 year outlook, what would be your 12 recommended stocks if I were to start today?

Read Answer Asked by Rick on May 08, 2023
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