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Review of TFI International Inc.

MAY 30, 2024 - TFII operates as a diverse transportation operator. The company has a successful track record of acquiring companies and integrating them into its decentralized network of operating segments. TFII has created tremendous shareholder value over the years by consolidating a highly fragmented industry with a large number of small, inefficient operators. With a strong balance sheet, we think TFII could come out on the other side of the recovery stronger. We are maintaining our rating at B+.

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Q: My industrial portfolio currently has a light exposure to the industrial sector. Id like to diversify by adding some industrial stocks in the US and Canada. Additionally, in the consumer sector, I already hold ATD, TOY, PBH, ULTA, and COST. To further enhance my consumer holdings, could you recommend several consumer stocks in the US and one or two in Canada? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Esther on June 17, 2024
Q: Hi team. I'm ok with some risk and am 100% equities with an average 13% return per year over 10 years thanks to your team!!

Now my question. We sold an investment property with the plan to use the money to fund a new investment property which will be built in 3 this is my time frame. The money will be split between a TFSA & a taxable account, with the taxable account having about 75%.

What do you think if these for the TFSA - CSU, BN, SHOP and DOL?

These for the taxable - WSP, ENB, TFII, DSG, BNS, SU, ATD, BEPC, H, and a little more DOL?

Would you reorganize these between the 2 accounts? Alternatively, would you choose something else due to the timeframe?

Thanks a lot!
Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 07, 2024
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