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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have KXS, CAE, BAM,TOU,AC. Would you recommend to add to some of these stocks or would you recommend to buy different stocks? What stocks would you recommend to buy?

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 12, 2022

Q: With reference to Peterís article entitled Five Investment Themes To Keep An Eye On In 2022, what 2 or 3 stocks would you recommend in the travel & leisure sector & the gold sector? Thanks Ö Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on January 04, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and staff, Happy Holidays.

These are my holdings in TFSA account. Can you please suggest two more names, Canadian or US to add for the 2022 contribution.

Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Joe on January 03, 2022

Q: I've been waiting to initiate a position in either AC or CAE for a minimum two year hold but I can't decide on which one. My brain tells me this is a good time to enter either or both, but I am concerned about the sector in general.

Can you give me some reasons for both companies why one should buy today and some reasons that gives one pause on the names?

Of the two, does 5i have a preference and would you start a position today in either name?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Harvey on December 14, 2021

Q: Hi team,

I have the following partial positions (less than 2%) and am looking for guidance on which ones look like good adds. Please rank in order and also provide a target price.

Read Answer Asked by Gregory on November 24, 2021

Q: These three stocks along with cash , are equally held and is my entire TFSA. This represents only 2.5 % of my combined non registered account and RRSP ( RIF next year).
My feeling ( and performance )on the stocks are :

AC: ( Even )Covid rebound extent still in question, high oil prices a drag
EIF: ( Up ) solid dividend, owned long time with good results
EGLX: ( Up ) , most volatile, doing the right things in a growing sector

Am willing to take a fair degree of risk. Your opinion on the portfolio is appreciated. How would you adjust and what are some of your recommended stocks ? Thanks. Derek

Read Answer Asked by Derek on November 17, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,

Itís that time of the year where I contemplate moving a stock from my cash account to my TFSA. Which of the three above would you move into a TFSA? Or would you move cash into the TFSA?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on November 15, 2021

Q: Can you suggest some Canadian companies, other than in technology, utilities or finance, that you currently consider to be undervalued and worthy of consideration for a long term investor. I've done very well with your suggestions of MG, WELL, ATA, TFII, EIF, PBH, GSY. I don't mind adding to any of the latter but would like to know if you see value ( or at least promising growth from today's prices) Thanks and best wishes always - Al

Read Answer Asked by alex on November 10, 2021

Q: I know you like ADT.B as a company and its management but the stock hasn't done much over the past couple of years. At some point does the lack of share price growth warrant removal from the portfolio?

Savaria is another one, and despite all the potential for a reopening trade Air Canada isn't 'taking off'. Do you think these two should be considered for replacement with something else that can provide better growth?

Please deduct credits accordingly.

Read Answer Asked by Josh on October 08, 2021

Q: Hi 5i, read an interesting blurb in G&M stating that 26.8% of ACs float is short, and possibly due to all the debentures issued. My question is what is your opinion of this, and how long could this overhang last around the neck of ACs share price? Also do you still like it as a reopening trade and are there better candidates without this shadow of shorts?


Read Answer Asked by Christopher on September 27, 2021

Q: Above our securities of about 45 I hold that for quite some time are terrible to look at. Which ones should I sell and replace with your picks that are doing quite well and would you sell them at the price they are now or would you pick a higher price and put them in for a few days? Thanks again

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on September 15, 2021

Q: I own these companies, some are doing great, and some I'm waiting to get my money back. I just sold TC energy, not really liking the direction it was heading and was thinking of buying enbridge. Did I do a mistake? Should I rebuy it? I'm looking for a 1 year hold. Or should I buy something different? In that case what do you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Ziaad on August 24, 2021

Q: Two parter, no wrong answers possible. In my TFSA I hold Descartes, Kinaxis, Shop and CAE amongst others. I have approx $2000 or .5% to invest in one or two of the four. They are all less than full positions. Suggestions?

Which of the following would you move from a cash account to the TFSA - AC, ATZ or ATD.B? I'm leaning toward AC currently.

Thanks in advance, sleepless nights have become a thing of the past based on my subscription to 5i. Service has been invaluable.

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on August 24, 2021

Q: I have these 5 positions that I entered in at one percent weights. I am looking to do a clean up to fewer positions. Do my give you concerns or are you still comfortable with all 5? How would you rank them for 3-5 yr opportunity? Thx as always for amazing service.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on August 12, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,

Can you please rank the following stocks for a new purchase and a 5-year hold, OR rank your top 5 in order if that is easier?


Thank you for your insight.

Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on August 12, 2021

Q: I own Air Canada and Cargo Jet and have done very well on both. With Air Canada expanding its Cargo's operation substantially, I wonder if owning both really makes sense. Do you think that replacing CJT with TFII, operating in a different segment of the logistic industry, would be a good/better move?
thanks for your help!

Read Answer Asked by Gilles on July 29, 2021