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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: CSCO reported miserable earnings on February 15 and guidance was also poor. I understand the company will also raise more debt. I am not clear on the company’s reasoning for yet more debt. CSCO was added to AAII’s “stock super stars” list in February 2016 under its “good values” strategy. I was thinking of selling CSCO last year but held off when I saw the business was added to Morgan Stanley’s global dividend portfolio in June 2023. I continued to on to CSCO, especially as hardly any of my other holdings pay dividends. Given CSCO’s latest report and guidance, is it worth holding on to CSCO for investors whose folio is all US, and who are getting concerned that their folio generates little dividend.

If its worth holding on to CSCO, please comment on the company’s business model, the strength or not of its suite of security products. Please also comment on CSCO’s PEG ratio, its debt to equity in addition to its competitive position and moat referenced above. Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on February 27, 2024
Q: I have held PBH in my cash account for sometime and am up a paltry 6%. I'm considering selling and replacing with either LLY, HD or TRI. Looking for greater growth and willing to take on moderate risk. 3-5 year hold. I know these companies are apples and oranges, but I would appreciate your views on risk and reward for PBH, LLY, HD and TRI and which you would recommend I hold going forward. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on February 16, 2024
Q: Looking for top 5 dividend stocks ( with good dividend growth ) from overall return perspective. 5 US and 5 Canadian. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by RUPINDER on February 07, 2024
Q: If the US pundits are correct and we are moving in a "peak" interest rate world this would bode well for the various forms of accommodation construction. Projections seem to suggest supply will remain tight until mortgage rates ease, and I believe that is likely as we move into the latter half of 2024.

Given that, my first question to you is do you feel that now, or soon, is a reasonable time to look into companies who would benefit from an expanding US housing market? If so, I would be interested in your take on a "top 3" home builders to invest in and then a "top 3" within the home construction supply chain. I already own a couple of lumber producers and am interested in mid-stream suppliers.

Thanks very much; Merry Christmas to you all.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on December 21, 2023
Q: The U.S. is growing much faster than Canada. Canada’s much slower economic growth relative to the U.S. seems to be related namely mortgage debt, Given this situation, can you suggest 1) Individual U.S. stocks for capital gain 2) Individual U.S. stocks that pay dividends, and 3) U.S. ETFs? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Ronnie on December 14, 2023
Q: I'm considering selling DOO for HD. Would you consider this a good move? I'm not happy about the big drop with DOO and trying not to make an emotional decision.
A DOO bounce back looks 1-2 years away and wondering if the gains would be greater with HD. This would be for 5-10 year hold. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Marco on December 08, 2023
Q: Would 5iR consider the following US stocks income or dividend stocks??? - ABBV with (recent) yield of 3.99%, ABT, 1.93%, BLK, 2.14%, NDAQ, 1.57% (as X-T is held in the 5iR Income Portfolio), TT, 1.42% , UNH, 1.40%, HD, 2.7% and LLY, 2.3%
.......I ask this as I want to realign my 3 portfolios, income, balance and growth, for 2024.......Thanks for the assistance.....Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 23, 2023
Q: Most of the above listed US stocks are in the S&P 500. And I'm wondering - would 5iR consider them "compounders"?.....Thanks for the insight as I'm keen to know whether yes or no!!!......Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 14, 2023
Q: Please provide best “lower risk” investment ideas given the housing shortage in Canada and USA?
Read Answer Asked by Geoffrey on November 08, 2023
Q: Do you see interesting dividends stocks down that we should keep an eye on with potentiel harvesting tax-loss season coming? Canadian and US stocks with a good balance sheet.

I have been looking at dir.un, plc, ko and pfe
Read Answer Asked by Francois on October 11, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

My current communications holding (VZ:US/Verizon) only amount to 3.5% of portfolio and should be at about 8% according to Portfolio Analysis.
1. Would you continue to hold VZ?
2. Either way, could you recommend some additional/better opportunities?

Many thanks
Read Answer Asked by ralph on September 20, 2023
Q: Could you suggest some US dividend stocks that you think are a buy right now and that may do well over the next year. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Pat on September 13, 2023
Q: Do you consider the above companies to be "growth"? Looking for a category for them.
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on September 13, 2023
Q: Good morning,

I know there are risks with owning Verizon right now, but with another recent dividend increase (now 17 consecutive years of increases), forward PE ~ 7.0, and a dividend yield approaching ~ 8%, do you think there is merit in buying for an income investor?
Read Answer Asked by Trevor on September 13, 2023
Q: hi, can I get your thoughts on Canadian tire as a long term hold. in particular I am interested in growth prospects, dividend sustainability and dividend growth. do you expect more downside in price over short term? what price would be a comfortable entry point?
cheers, Chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on September 12, 2023
Q: Buy DOL?
Very high debt., - BV, dividend increase meagre and a ROE of 800+ - how is this possible with huge debt. - requiring cash flow to support it?
Find fundamentals confusing to say the least.
Read Answer Asked by James on August 31, 2023
Q: Can you suggest public traded companies that focus on restoration after environmental events (i.e. fires, hurricanes and floods)?
Read Answer Asked by Danny on August 30, 2023