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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Happy Holidays! Now that 2022 is coming to an end, what would be your most bullish ideas going into 2023?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 03, 2023

Q: I currently have the following positions in the "FAANG" stocks: GOOGL (5%), MSFT and META (each less than 2%), AAPL (less than 1%).

Not interested in NFLX since I already have positions in DIS and ROKU, but I'm open to AMZN (although I have a small position in SHOP, less than 2%).

I want to reduce the number of stocks I own, so I'm looking to consolidate my FAANG positions. In what order would you rank the FAANG stocks at today's prices for potential future returns?

I have a long time horizon (decades) and a very diversified portfolio, so not worried about short-term declines in share price.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 03, 2023

Q: I have purchased the above US stocks in the last 6 months. AMZN is down 15%, CRWD is down 27% and LNTH is down 25%. The rest are in the green. AMZN position size is twice as large as CRWD and LNTH. I have $10,000 more to deploy. Would you do a 33% split on the 3 or what are your thoughts on this?


Read Answer Asked by sean on December 12, 2022

Q: What three US names would you suggest to buy that offer the best growth opportunities over the next year? What factors influence selecting each name?

Read Answer Asked by on December 06, 2022

Q: Hello 5i
Could you provide an indication as to buyhold/sell - all are current holdings but some due to declines have reduced to < 1% . I'm looking to rebalance overall and these need addressing with possibly topping up, selling or doing nothing ... ignore sector weights please. Already held for some time and any that I decide will remain will be held for the long term

Read Answer Asked by mike on November 28, 2022

Q: What do you think Iger is going to do to put his stamp on DIS again? He already got rid of Chapek and his lieutenant. Is he just going to do some more re-structuring and stay the course for 2 more years while he picks a successor. Or will he do some bolder moves as he has done in the past? He is perceived as a visionary and has acquired Pixar, Marvel and Fox over the years. What are the odds that he makes a big acquisition in streaming such as NFLX, ROKU or PARA? What are the odds that he sells DIS? Years ago, it was speculated that he had such discussions with Steve Jobs.


Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 23, 2022

Q: Can you rank these companies from most attractive to least attractive to purchase for a long term hold in an rrsp? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Jason on November 07, 2022

Q: Re your answer to Cheryl today, and your recommendation for 8 stocks that have been stable and performed well over time. Can you recommend a handful of US stocks that fulfill the same goals. Not concerned over sectors.
Thanks, Peter

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 01, 2022

Q: Hello,

I have roughly $75,000 to invest. I am looking for US base stocks with upside. I have a pretty balanced portfolio so am looking for growth type names or ones with upside. This year i purchased amazon, netflix, disney, and nvidia so please recommend 4-5 of your best ideas other then those ones.


Read Answer Asked by sean on October 03, 2022

Q: Hi there, Iím a big fan of the Balanced Equity portfolio. If you had to create a US Balanced Equity Portfolio using CDRs, what stocks would you purchase to create such a portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on September 12, 2022

Q: Looking for 10+ "steady compounders" CAD and US for long-term portfolio core and could you provide a short comment on why you like it and risks.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 31, 2022

Q: My portfolio analytics is showing that I'm a bit low in my communication services sector.

Beyond the obvious telecom companies, what are some of the less obvious companies or perhaps ETFs that would fit into this sector?

Also, including the telecoms, could you rank your top few Canadian and US buys for this sector.

Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on July 28, 2022

Q: Imdown 10 % tomuch higher abovei am cocerned more about pypl meta mg than others.
i like to sell two with the lowest 0outlook

Read Answer Asked by thambirajah on July 28, 2022

Q: I have these U.S. stocks in a RIF (ABBV, CSCO, DGRO ) and TFSA (DIS, MA, GOOG, NVDA) .

Please rate these in terms of safety and growth potential.

Read Answer Asked by Valerie on July 10, 2022

Q: These large behemoths have been decimated in varying degrees. Would you please rank them and would you buy now for a long hold on what seems like a huge sale on quality leaders? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on June 15, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm down considerably in these US stocks in a taxable account: APPS, DIS, DXCM, EXPI, FB, NET, NFLX, U, and UPST.

I would like to crystallize some losses.

Could you please suggest:

1. The stocks I should sell outright (and suggest a replacement);

2. The stocks I should sell and then re-buy in 30 days (and suggest a proxy); and

3. The stocks I should continue to hold.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as required.

Thank you for your valuable advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 13, 2022