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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: These stocks are all down substantially
Would u see any of them as a buy for 2 year hold
If so pls rank in order with a possible entry price
Can u comment on possible downside from here?
At present I don稚 own any so this would be new positions
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Indra on September 06, 2023

Q: I am interested in companies that might benefit from an Amtrak vacation boom.
I am open to any and all ideas.
And do you think this is a reasonable investment theory.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on July 30, 2023

Q: Looking to buy Qualcom & BWX Thechnology. For this I need to sell some slight losers. DIS, MP, INFY, IBKR, CVX, SCHW, BABA, KBM . Please place these in order of those you would sell first , and maybe some you would not sell at all. And , also what do you think of my two choices to buy ? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Frank on July 27, 2023

Q: good morning,

I'm overweight communications services, own BCE,T,DIS and GOOG. Telecoms are for dividends disney for a recovery if and when Iger sells TV and streaming business. Not selling GOOG which is more hybrid .If I where to trim telecoms where can i find a similar dividend stream.
Also is there any way to split google in portfolio analytics between technology and comm services. What are the percentages?

Thanks (gratefully)

Plenty of credits left

Read Answer Asked by Denis on July 24, 2023

Q: Bob the builder is back/staying and now seems to be wanting to turn into Bob the seller. Do you like the strategy and think the sum of the parts is worth significantly more? How does Disney look on a forward P/E and PEG basis? At what price do you think this is an excellent opportunity for a long-term hold? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Angus on July 24, 2023

Q: Hello,

Looking to add to my current positions in these companies (registered account, 10+ year time frame). If you could please rank them in order of potential upside that would be great (and if there is a company you would stay away from, please indicate).


Read Answer Asked by Satish on July 20, 2023

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm looking to sell the following 12 stocks in my cash account to crystallize some losses in anticipation of better buying opportunities in the fall: BNTX, CAE, CHTR, CIEN, CJT, CTS, DIS, FNF, GNRC, HAS, TEAM, and YETI.

For each of these stocks, could you please indicate: HOLD; SELL; or SELL + RE-BUY (with suggested proxy).

Feel free to deduct as many credits as you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your always helpful advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on July 17, 2023

Q: Will partially liquidate Dis (at a loss) balance hold for recovery. Am debating deploying to one or two of the above. For a 3 to 5 yr hold (registered acct), with capital appreciation/total return in mind, which is favoured?

Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 26, 2023

Q: I have held disney now for 2 and half years and i have been in the red since can you please advice me if i sell it what would be a good replacement for it in my rrsp. And the same goes for cvs it has put me in the red as well is there a better replacement for this that pay a good yield as well. Thank you for all the support

Read Answer Asked by wilson on June 15, 2023

Q: I own Disney which has shown not to be a good investment. My plan is to sell it at a loss. Would you please recommend a few companies in USA which would give me upside.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on June 13, 2023

Q: Good morning team,
Could you please give your take on these holdings .. keepers or let go? With the exception of TECK, I am down with the rest. Although they are good companies, they don't seem to have +ve momentum ..
I appreciate your thoughts ?

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on May 30, 2023

Q: Hi 5i team,

I知 thinking of selling a few stocks at a loss to balance out capital gains (I trimmed NVDA since my stock position got too high). I can cover an equivalent loss by selling two (or a combination of all 3) of the following stocks: DIS, TTD and CRWD. I bought all 3 at a much higher price. CRWD and TTD have had a nice bounce and I知 thinking that the near term environment of debt ceiling and sell in May could be a good time to take losses. I知 wondering if you have other items I should consider related to selling now versus later this year? If later, what would be a good time to consider?

I have other similar tech stocks such as GOOG and ZS and I知 wondering if I should consider another proxy for any or not bother? And I知 also wondering about re-buying at a reasonable entry point after 30 days for any of the 3 or simply move on?

I壇 appreciate any insights you could provide.

Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by Lisa on May 19, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
I am turning 72 and moving from an RRSP to a RIF and think this portfolio should be more orientated towards income.

In that light I wonder if you could suggest some replacement stocks for the non dividend paying TMUS and DIS on the US side of my RIF? Thanks as usual for you help.

Read Answer Asked by David on May 01, 2023

Q: Hi 5i, May I pls have your thoughts on latest results and if you would continue to hold or upgrade.

I have few other dogs, maybe LGO also, that I'm looking to consolidate into either GOOG, META, DIS, PYPL or AMZN. Which 2 or 3 would be your preferred choices? PYPL worries me a bit, seems other fintec companies might be eating their lunch. DIS is interesting given old CEO is back and cost cutting the company. Pls give your pros/cons when ranking. Thx for your great advice!

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on April 14, 2023

Q: Happy Holidays! Now that 2022 is coming to an end, what would be your most bullish ideas going into 2023?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 03, 2023

Q: I currently have the following positions in the "FAANG" stocks: GOOGL (5%), MSFT and META (each less than 2%), AAPL (less than 1%).

Not interested in NFLX since I already have positions in DIS and ROKU, but I'm open to AMZN (although I have a small position in SHOP, less than 2%).

I want to reduce the number of stocks I own, so I'm looking to consolidate my FAANG positions. In what order would you rank the FAANG stocks at today's prices for potential future returns?

I have a long time horizon (decades) and a very diversified portfolio, so not worried about short-term declines in share price.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 03, 2023