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Q: Growth investor, high risk tolerance, who enjoys dividends as well. Im currently sitting close to 21% in Financial Services, a combination of long held holdings with big gains; GSY, SLF, newer purchases down slightly; ZEB, HCAl, and the newest and worst performer ECN. Stock positions are close to 5% each, I add or trim accordingly, ETF's are smaller. I wrestle with knowing holding good companies long term is the way to outperform, against opportunity costs of holding underperformers and or overweighting the wrong sectors for the year. If you managed your own $, what % would you hold here, if trimming, what order ? Emotionally it's much easier to trim GSY with big gains than ECN at a loss, but then there is the trimming the winner and holding the looser thing?

Read Answer Asked by Charles on January 17, 2023
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