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Q: I have been watching AYX, NVDA and ROKU for a while, but haven't bought any of them yet. If you were to buy them today, please rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the order that you would buy them.

According to RBC, ROKU has 118.1 M shares, and of that only 64.235 M are floating shares. The short interest is about 14% of the float. On Friday Feb 14th, the volume of shares traded was 63.1 M. That's 98.2% of the floating shares were traded. Can you help me understand what this information can tell you? On the surface every floating share was traded, but really some shares were traded multiple times throughout the day. When the volume of trading is this high compared to the float, what does this trading pattern indicate?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on February 14, 2020
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