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Q: Is there an ETF that has all these 7 companies pls?

Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 08, 2023

Q: 1.We have a bit of a debate going on regarding the merits of shorting stocks and doing so when they have the kind of pop such as Nvda had last week.

If someone shorted $10,000 of Nvda at the close of business last Friday, how much would be lost as of the close of business today ( Thursday)?

2. AVGO Same type of situation: buy AVGO end of business yesterday….and loss as of today ( Friday ) close ?


How would that person minimize his loss ( other than by NOT shorting it in the first place )?


Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 02, 2023

Q: Cathie Wood - “For every dollar of hardware that Nvidia sells, software providers, SaaS providers will generate 8 dollars in revenue.” (from A.I.)

Fact or fiction? If fact what SaaS names would be of most interest?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on June 06, 2023
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