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Q: Hi 5I team.
My question is about healthcare and diversification in the space. I have been attempting to keep my position around the 16% portfolio weighting and currently hold ABBV, AMD, AMGN(4.8%), LLY(3%), PFE, MRNA, and WELL positions. Although I do not want to abandon the PFE/MRNA freight trains, I am looking at adding/shifting to what may be a longer term/higher dividend return avenue with the use of GILD(attractive entry and solid div), CRISPR(awaiting a pull back to $90 if it comes), and even MDT(under $103 if it comes)

How do you feel about this strategy and the switch out of AMGN/LLY to GILD/MDT?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 23, 2020

Q: Hi,

I hold a 2.5% position in NVDA after selling half to lock in my original costs. I'd like to pick up another high growth chip maker/developer/fabricator, and the listed companies are on my watch list. Ideally the company would have a great balance sheet (net cash), a pipeline of great products and great opportunity for growth - no dividend needed. Can you endorse one or two and/or recommend something not on the list?


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on November 13, 2020
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