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Q: In layman's English, could you explain why SVB went under and whether it will cause any lasting damage to Cdn Banks...and are there any Cdn banks you would add to today? Thanks, great service.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on March 13, 2023

Q: I am looking to put some USD, currently held inside an RSP to work on either of these Cdn banks. Is there a preference, or should I look at buying both? Also, would it be better to buy the US listed stock, as I have USD - or convert to Cdn dollars and buy the Cdn listed stock?
Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 07, 2023

Q: These are my current holdings and I am looking forward to 2023. They are held in relatively the same quantities in 5 different accounts, a RRIF, 2 TFSA's and 2 Non registered accounts. I am retired an enjoy the income. Do you see any issues with these holdings or have any suggestions looking forward. The only non dividend holding is AR.
Take any extra credits as necessary. Thank you in advance. Enjoy and appreciate 5i'S help. Happy New Year.

Read Answer Asked by John on January 10, 2023
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