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Investment Q&A

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Q: Are any of the other large Canadian Banks similarly exposed to investigation/prosecution in the U.S. for the same activity that TD was convicted? Also, can to tell me what % of each banks total business revenue comes from U.S. sources?
Read Answer Asked by Will on June 14, 2024
Q: Hello,

What are your recommendations for Canadian banks for a TFSA with a 15+ year horizon?
Read Answer Asked by Luc on May 22, 2024
Q: I'M in my retirement years and have accumulated about 28% in Financial sector, which is over what your Portfolio Analysis suggested (12%). Could u give me a ranking of 1 (least prefer) to 5 (most prefer) in terms of Price Growth and Dividend growth Take as many credits as you see fit. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on March 19, 2024
Q: We have well-diversified Canadian portfolio (~30 holdings) focused slightly toward growth. Across our various accounts we are overweight in the Financial Services sector. We are considering reducing our holdings in the traditional banks, which are currently roughly equal amounts of TD, BNS, BMO and RY.

Putting aside potential taxation issues, given the choice between reducing all the banks by roughly the same amount or reducing the number of banks to 2 or 3, which would you prefer and why? If it's the latter, which banks would you keep and in what order?


Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 13, 2024
Q: Hi 5i
Regarding your answer to my earlier question about BMO....
"Overall, we would stay away from financial institutions with a weak capital base and questionable loan book quality. In a loss scenario, as we saw last year in the regional banking crisis, equity can at times be eroded quickly."
Is BMO in a situation where this is a similiar issue for them?
Read Answer Asked by jim on February 01, 2024
Q: I bought them all last April and the draw down got as low as 15%--they have all made a comeback now except BNS still down 8%----Do you think this resurgence is sustainable and a good time to add to my holdings?
Read Answer Asked by peter on December 15, 2023
Q: Thoughts on buying these here in an RRSP or RESP and forgetting about them for a few years ? Any you would change ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 13, 2023
Q: Can you please provide proxies for tax loss selling for the above noted stocks/ETFs
Please deduct as many credits as necessary.
Thanks for your insight.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on November 08, 2023
Q: Tax Loss selling time is just around the corner and I would like to take advantage of losses I have in above companies. I have some gains this year and I paid taxes on gains for the last 3 years as well.
Would you sell one position only and which one would you suggest. I would like to buy back at the appropriate time as well.
I would appreciate if you could prepare us for this event of tax loss selling and refresh our memories.
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on October 16, 2023
Q: Re: the Bank 30Yr Mortgage Amortization Question asked by James... Could you explain the impact of more or less 30Yr Amortiztion Motgages ? Why is it important ? Also how would you rank the Cdn banks for purchase now and which could recover the best ? Which likely has the lowest impact from mortgages renewing ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 11, 2023
Q: Apparently BMO, CIBC and TD currently have negative amortization mortgages approaching 20%. Do you have comparatives for BNS and RY ? Apparently there is one Canadian bank that is very conservative at less than 6%.
Read Answer Asked by James on October 06, 2023
Q: In a world where indebted dividend-payers are being stressed by higher rates, how would you rank the following Canadian companies in terms of the sustainability of their dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 03, 2023
Q: same sector tax-loss strategy...What am I missing here...with the assumption that the banks move more or less in tandem...

If I sell BNS stock at a $30K loss and use the funds to buy BMO as a "placeholder", won't I be in the same position either way? i.e. after a 10% gain I would either recover my losses as the BNS stock increases or I would grow tax-free gains as the BMO stock increases (up to $30K)...

Surely for this tax loss strategy it is best to just stick with the company I most believe in, yes?
Read Answer Asked by Brett on October 02, 2023
Q: We are dividend investors in our late 70ís. We derive most of our income from dividends. Recently we sold about 200,000. Worth of Enbridge and are looking to reinvest. We have short listed some companies above and would like your opinion on them. Also if you have any other suggestions we would welcome your ideas. We are looking for solid companies with a good dividend that also increase their dividends.
Read Answer Asked by Donald on October 02, 2023