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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am currently way overweight in Canadian banks and would like to gradually cut my overall exposure to about half of my present total value. Would you please rank the above stocks in light of each expected Total Return over the next 3 - 5 years?
Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by David on June 24, 2021

Q: Hi 5i
Currently holding BMO for last 3yrs and see that its share price appears to have increased about the same as CM but appears to have increased quite a bit compared to the others, in last 6 months, TD, BNS and RY.
Why do you think this is happening and Is this something that would be cause for concern? Would you continue to hold or lighten up? My Position size 4%
Even though its a bank, I begin to get uneasy when share prices seems to be out of step with peers.


Read Answer Asked by jim on June 10, 2021

Q: If you had to sell all or some shares of one of the 5 big Canadian banks to generate some cash, which would you choose and why?

Thanks very much!

Read Answer Asked by Chris on June 01, 2021

Q: Am I missing any major sectors with these stock investments?
Where should I focus if I would like to ensure a diverse portfolio?
Are there any stocks that I should dump?

Read Answer Asked by grace on April 27, 2021

Q: In March 2020 I did a lot of tax-loss selling (and proxy re-buying - thank you, I wish I had known to do that in 2008). I sold two Canadian banks and bought two others, BMO and CM. I did not sell them after I got my money back but let them recover. Consequently I have BMO up almost double and CM up 70%. Is there any reason to sell them to re-buy the original banks which will trigger a capital gain? I have no capital losses in that account.

Read Answer Asked by J on April 26, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I am normally a buy-and-hold investor for the very long term (RBC = blue chip, hold forever; while in a higher risk and associated lower weighting category, I hold Alaris forever). I currently hold SLF but have been reviewing/comparing its performance with BMO. The 10 year, 5 year and 3 year charts favor Sunlife, but the 1 year and shorter duration charts favor BMO. There appears to be a significant inflection point starting in November 2020.

Can you explain what occurred around that time? Is it simply the reflation of the economy favoring BMO relative to SLF? Do you see this continuing for the next period of time or do you see SLF playing catch-up?

Thanks for your help...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 20, 2021

Q: For growth and potential dividend increases, would you please rank the six Canadian banks (the ‘big 5’ plus National) in order of preference to buy now?

Read Answer Asked by Heather on April 07, 2021

Q: I am trying to maximize income In my LIRA before I convert it to a LIF. I hold a good weighting of ZEB from several years back when I was a novice investor. Now I am looking to shed the MER by going with the individual financial stocks. Would you please rank the above financials and others you think are worthy for a hold and forget steady income stream?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 15, 2021

Q: Good afternoon,

I am looking to investing into a bank for a long term hold. Which would be your favorite for long term growth


Read Answer Asked by Bonnie on March 10, 2021

Q: For new money to top up my income portfolio holdings per above. How would you rank if buying today based on valuation and future growth (revenue, earnings,dividends)
Please also rank the sectors (banks, insurance, utilities, telecom ). Thank-you.

Read Answer Asked by Albert on March 08, 2021

Q: All the big banks have had very encouraging financial results. Is now a good time to add in preparation for big dividend increases once the regulatory hold comes off.


Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 01, 2021

Q: I'm looking to reduce my portfolio weighting in Financials and Telecommunications.

The question for both adjustments is the same: for these stocks would you recommend eliminating one entirely or just reducing my holdings in both? I will be adding more exposure in the US industrial and defensive consumer sectors with the freed up cash. I should add that for all of these stocks I'm probably pushing my weighting a bit high, at 5-7%.

For financials: BMO and RY (assuming I would sell BMO over RY)
For telecom: T and BCE (assume I would sell BCE over T)

All of these are held in registered accounts, and I'm still 10+ years out from retirement. I currently hold 24 stocks across my registered accounts.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on February 16, 2021

Q: I am looking to rebalance my non-registered portfolio, which will mean taking capital gains and transfer to my TFSA. Today, my position is about equal in RY, BMO and CNR.
I would like to reinvest the cash from these capital gains in Tech and Health sectors from 5i's balanced portfolio. I do not have either sector in my TFSA today.
Which of the 3 non-registered stocks would you suggest selling?
What would you recommend buying for TFSA?

Read Answer Asked by George on January 28, 2021

Q: Would you please advise the approximate amount of excess capital (or equivalent) each of these five Banks are holding based on their year end results.


Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 27, 2021

Q: First of all, thank you for your amazing work. Cannot express how helpful my 5i subscription has been. Life-changing in all honesty.

My positions in LSPD (17.3%) and GSY (12.7%) have gotten a little out of hand. I was fortunate to pick them up near their lows in April. I've already trimmed both a couple of times, but I am really struggling to sell more given the positive outlook 5i has of both for the future. I've seen similar questions asked about trimming and selling positions with phenomenal growth and seen your responses suggesting to trim positions to reasonable weightings. I thought I might have an easier time doing so if you suggested some positions to add to or some new ones viewed as favourably as LSPD and GSY.

I have the following companies in a TFSA and have included the weightings only of positions I think might warrant a second look. While I anticipate a comment about weightings needing to be personal what would YOU suggest as the highest weighting for LSPD and GSY? And, again, please suggest some positions to add to or new ones.

Feel free to take question credits as you see fit.

DOO (2.1%), ATZ (2%), AW.UN, BYD
BMO, BRK-B:US, GSY (12.7%)
WELL (4%), VEEV:US (1.3%)
CAE, DAL:US, AC (1%), XBC (3%)
LSPD (17.3%), KXS (7.6%), DSG (3%), CSU, PHO (1.1%), AMD:US, CRWD:US (2.4%), U:US (2.1%), NVDA:US (0.83%), TTD:US(1.2%)
ROKU:US (1.9%), TTWO:US (1.2%), PINS:US (1.5%)

Thank you again

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on January 25, 2021

Q: I am looking to "trim the fat" from my TFSA, which currently holds 20 stocks: ATD, BCE, BMO, BNS, CCO, CM, ENB, FFH, PDYPF, INO.UN, LAS, NXE, NWC, NA, NTR, PEY, PZA, MJJ, TRP, WELL. Are there any positions that raise red flags with you? In addition, could you suggest 3 or 4 value picks suitable for a long-term hold (20 years plus)?
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Sarah on January 14, 2021