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Investment Q&A

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Q: I live and Calgary and have spoken to quite a few people in the industry and they are saying similar information.
Essentially that declines in wells are going to out stripe the demand in the next year creating more demand then supply. Many companies around here have been underinvesting in new production due to the market conditions.
I am quite cautious on oil and gas companies as they haven't performed well over the last 7 years.
Are these people overly optimistic or is there a potential trade and opportunity to go up to 10% weighting in Oil and Gas?
If so, do you think CPG, WCP, and MEG would be good exposure?


Read Answer Asked by Colin on June 15, 2021

Q: Hi, on a risk reward basis , what are the 3 oil companies you would invest with the highest leverage to oil prices ?, this will be no more than 2% of my portfolio, so I can take the risk of losing it if they go bankrupt . My exposure to oil is rather small and limited to large companies like Enbridge and Suncor. My view is that oil will have a come back in a 3 to 5 years time.

Read Answer Asked by Alejandro on May 19, 2020

Q: Hi group 2 questions
- I was stopped out of Byd in late March since then have been waiting for pullback to get back in, unfortunately the stock just keeps going up. I am of the opinion the market is way overbought in general and my time should come or should I nibble away ? or do you have another strategy that may work. I intend to buy 1,000 shares over the next year
2 nd question I am thinking of buying Meg + Tog due to extremely low stock price Eric at Sprott has recommended them both as top picks - I respect his opinion what do you think ?...thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 19, 2020

Q: I have what I call a mini portfolio of higher risk stocks in addition to my portfolio of diversified quality portfolio.
I presently hold ATE, AKU, PNG. I want to add 3 oil stocks to this portfolio. Thinking maybe, VET, MEG and NVA. Opinion. Any other likely candidates in the smal/mid cap. Candidates should be less than $5 and a good hedge position to protect them over the next 6 months.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on April 07, 2020

Q: Today it has been reported that MEG has asked the Alberta Energy Regulator for a 3 year delay in the approval process for the May River Project that would add 164,000 barrels of bitumen per day. MEG is down 0.97% on this news so the market doesn't seem too concerned on this deferral request. Would you agree? What are the pros and cons to this delay and given MEG is considered to be a take over candidate would this be seen as favourable by a potential purchaser? Thanks Gordon

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on March 03, 2020

Q: In reviewing Meg press release on their 2020 Capital investment plan if ones assumes a $60 WTI, 94,000 bbl/day (the low end of guidance), a Operating plus G&A cost of $6.75 (the high end of guidance) less $250 Million of capital expenditures leaves free cash flow of approximately $1.57 Billion of which they plan to apply to debt reduction. Debt was at $3.257 Billion at Sep 30, 2019. Is this too good to be true? Am I missing something? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on December 10, 2019

Q: Can you please give me your opinion on 3 stocks that is loosing money should I keep or sell or buy more. They are about 2% each.

Thanks for your great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on November 28, 2019

Q: In a recent answer to a question on an oil company, you mentioned that it is hard to be optimistic on a company if you don't like the management team. So my question is, which of the management teams in the oil sector would you want to align yourself with, and why? Alternatively, which of the management teams would you not align yourself with? Please deduct as many credits as necessary to fully answer my question. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by dean on November 22, 2019