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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With the prices of some oil stocks down significantly in the past 6 months, do you think that some of the larger companies (SU, CNQ, etc) would want to take over some of the smaller players at a nice discount? A bit speculative, but can you identify some of the smaller takeover candidates?
Read Answer Asked by Mike on February 12, 2024
Q: Hi. I have an RESP for three grandkids, ages 5, 7 and 9. Current holdings that I'm underwater on are: AEM, BCE, BN, NTR and TVE along with these: ARX, BAM, CSU, ENB, RY, TD and TOU. I'd appreciate your overall comments on account re sector allocation and any obvious sells. As well, I'd like suggestions on how to deploy $7000 cash. Thx.
Read Answer Asked by Dona on February 06, 2024
Q: I own these energy stocks and some are on the plus side and others are on the losing side. I've been waiting for quite some time for the Chinese economy to take off, but it seems to go nowhere ? I would like to trim some of my holdings. Please place them in order of what you would keep down to some you would let go. Maybe you could code them as 10 being the best and 1 as being the worst. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Frank on January 30, 2024
Q: Hi,

These are some names that I hold that are smaller weights in my portfolio (<2%) and I would like to add to my positions. From comments, I think all of them are solid going forward and some have run hard, such as HPS.A, TVK, CRWD...The thing I've struggled with before is adding to names at the wrong time after they've had a good run and then the market turns and your gains turn into losses. How do you approach these situations and when do you decide to add to a starter position.

Would you be comfortable adding to any of these names at the current prices and can you rank which ones you would add to first?

With the market at record levels, I'm a bit more gun shy of doing so but I think on any market pullback, I would add to any of these names. Would you agree?

I remember a question you answered recently about increasing the avg. cost base vs the % of the position when adding. So for example, I bought HPS.A at $50 and now its $93 for a nice gain, however it's only 1.5% of my portfolio now. So if you are comfortable with a 3% position, do I just add now to get to that 3% even with the run that its had? Or wait for a nice pullback, which of course is impossible to predict. I try not to anchor prices and of course the buyers today are forward looking and expect good things to continue. How do you approach this? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on January 24, 2024
Q: A family member entering post-secondary school owns these stocks in their TFSA on an approximate equal weighting of $4,000. They have $8,000 to contribute and invest this fiscal.

The objective is growth with some risk; maintenance of capital is a secondary objective.

If allocating in $4,000 increments would you add to one or more of the existing investments or are there one or two you think would be better suited to a young investor over a 3 - 5 year investment horizon?

Thanks so much.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on January 12, 2024
Q: Looking to add 2-3 names of the above small caps to my TFSA this month.With the exception, of LMN and GLXY all are down substantially. Question. Which have the biggest up side in 2024, for a long term hold. Please rate them 1-8 with short comments for growth and safety,
Read Answer Asked by Henry on January 04, 2024
Q: If things get worse in the Middle East and Oil goes up $ 40.00 to $ 120.00 a barrel what are best 5 Canadian Oil Companies to BUY

I own ATH and it performs well. What do you think of ATH ?

Let me know your top 5 under these circumstances or global ?

I agree with Mark Twain all months are difficult


Read Answer Asked by bob on December 27, 2023
Q: Hi folks, Tamarak Valley tve/t released their 2024 Capital Budget....looks like 2 tiered & lowered guidance....stock taking a 5+% hit and nearing 52 week lows....I know liked by 5i, Nuttal, Martin Pelltier & many this a case of TVE mgmt "over promising & under delivering", hold a fair size position.....thanks for your views/opinions....& would U rate Buy/Hold/Sell....thanks, jb
Read Answer Asked by John on December 08, 2023
Q: Hello,
I own above stocks, and with the current conflict in the middle east, which one(s) would you add to today? assuming oil hovers around current price of ~ $ 80.00.
Also, which ones are rumored for a take over?
As well, which ones have the strongest financials to grow the dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on November 07, 2023
Q: Hello, Can I please have your top Cdn or U.S. energy stock choices. Could you please compare them and advise if you have a preference and rank them accordingly for a 3 year hold. What are your thoughts on Enbridge within this group?
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by lorraine on October 31, 2023