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Review of Tecsys Inc

AUG 08, 2023 - TCS serves a unique part of the broader economy’s supply chain, focusing on the healthcare and hospital industries. The supply chains in these industries are quite complex and for many years have been underserved and underleveraged. we like the company’s market share growth, its niche segment and scalability within this niche, and its future expectations for growth. We are maintaining our rating at a ‘B+’.

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Q: You recently said that trimming the weeds in a portfolio is something to believe in. Is SYZ a weed? I have held this stock for more than ten years and 5i's coverage of it was one of the reasons for my original subscription. I like the unique sector SYZ operates in and its growth potential, but I am losing patience and wondering if it is time to move on. If I sold SYZ I would add to my other Canadian software holdings, namely OTEX, ENGH, TCS and AIF, but I hesitate because SYZ provides diversification and may yet turn around. As always, I welcome your insight.
Read Answer Asked by David on May 14, 2024
Q: In Chris's recent webinar he mentioned the similarities between TCS and DSG as well as the same between GSY and TCS.

Now my question here is if I was only to own one of each of the two which ones have the best opportunities for growth going forward and which meets Warren Buffets criteria most closely?


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on April 02, 2024
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