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Q: Based on your reply to Paul on May 9th...."We think buying over a year will end up looking pretty good in two or three years". Of the following Companies that make up my portfolio what would be your TOP 3 conviction names to ADD to over the next year based on long term growth potential, good valuation, well run, good management, no brainer this will be a good investment type choice. There is opportunity here so don't want to miss the boat. Yes everything is down. Yes people are panicking. But it will go back up and simply want to focus my energy on the ones with more conviction. I don't need the money for the next 15-20 yrs but don't want to be a moron either and be happy with a bit of dividend here and there when I could see larger returns by making a good decision today. Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Theron on May 10, 2022

Q: Good morning

I am confused...I understand the risk of inflation, war, Covid etc...The demand may be restricted for oil (short-term) but it does not seem to makes sense the volatility in energy when many will be making tremendous cash when oils above $80...TVE, Arc, Whitecap stocks were higher when oil was rising in the $80 this just speculators jumping in and out...would it not be a good time in buy these stocks today as it seems to be quite emotional right now with the rest of the market...any other that you would recommend are being sold without thought of fundamentals?


Read Answer Asked by Matthew on May 10, 2022
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