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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good morning, 5i team!

KH Home, Toll Brothers & Pulte Home all get a buy ratings from Credit Suisse lately. Your thought on adding for1 of these 5 for a 3 to 5 years hold. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on April 06, 2022
Q: Can you please give me your opinion on how you would rank these companies and your outlook going forward? I'm most interested in ARE and NOA but the others are in the same area. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on September 08, 2021
Q: Good day. Industrials account for 13% of my portfolio. Currently I hold the companies listed above. I need to invest another $10,000 to bring my allocation to 13%. All the stocks listed are fairly equal weight. My question is which of these stocks do you think I should increase...or delete, and do you have a recommendation for a different stock that would fit here? I am thinking of adding TFII but am concerned it may be a duplication of the Mullen and CNR holdings. I look forward to your reply.
Read Answer Asked by Robert on June 09, 2021
Q: BDT reported earnings a couple of days ago. Although revenue, earnings, EBITA, etc. look good initially, the market certainly does not like the results. Comments such as "the timing of recording the CEWS benefit was a significant factor affecting fourth quarter net income" likely explain some of the market reaction. May I have your perspective on BDT results, please?
Read Answer Asked by Theodore on March 12, 2021
Q: Why the announcement combination of SOX and BDT resulted on SOX going down by more than half. I hold SOX in a registered account at a huge loss. Do you think it is time just to bail out or wait for the transaction to take place? What is the incentive to the board of directors to agree on a transaction that results in such a drastic devaluation of stock price?

Read Answer Asked by Saad on July 30, 2020
Q: How material is Bird,s contract on lng project in Kitmat. I donít have exposure to infrastructure. A while back I traded this stock and made money. My objective this time is for diversification and longer term hold. The divided also fits in nicely with my portfolio. Your opinion on itís valuation.
Would you buy it or are there better opportunities in the industry? Opinion please. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Roy on November 18, 2019