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Q: Hi group appreciate your comments on energy I recently bought Kelt + Meg (ahead of earnings) both stocks almost instantly dropped 10% +> what's you thoughts on these two buy sell or hold (earnings just starting on energy companies and they are expected to be positive for most part. Also comment on on Cigi the quarterly results were not well received and the stock has been hit accordingly- sell or continue to hold - deduct credits accordingly and thanks for your help

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 03, 2019

Q: Looking to start a position in a canadian energy name. Was looking to do it a few months back but wasn't certain on which one to buy. Would you rank the names I have sent with your thoughts on each.
Thanks Gary

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 24, 2019

Q: Hi Team
I am looking for oil companies to invest in, I would like a mid to small cap, company with reasonable debt and fairly decent cash flow. I don't mind taken higher risk with small caps, I just feel that it gives me a better upside, and like I say I don't mind the risk. Would like a little in the oil sands as I see the wti discount is a lot lower than before and have read that the world refineries are short of the heavy oil, not sure if this is true or not. Lastly what gas producers will benefit from the new pipe line and refinery, assuming that the darn thing gets build. I know I have asked a few questions so please take as many credits as you like

Read Answer Asked by auftar on April 10, 2019
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