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Q: I am thinking of selling my Vermilion shares VET and using the funds to buy shares of MEG since I want to keep my oil and gas exposure at the same weight (about 15 per cent of the portfolio.) This swap of oil producers is predicated on that MEG is already returning 50 per cent of FCF to shareholders while VET is only returning 30 per cent. According to both compannies corporate presentations both companies play to allocate more FCF to shareholders when lower debit levels are achieved in 2024. I liked VET from its exposure to high gas prices in Europe but when Ireland introduced a windfall tax on VET it definitely took a shine off of Vet's future. What do you think of changing VET for MEG. I also have some CPG, CJ, TOU, WCP, and BTE so I don't want to add to them.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 16, 2023
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