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Q: Hi team:

about 2 years ago, when CVE was around $ 15, it was a top pick by a BNN
market call speaker who I think is a conservative investor in general; he thinks that it has good value and pays a dividend to wait

the company HSE that was bought by CVE now was trading around $ 25 plus over ten years ago too and paid a dividend for the investors

The less than ideal outcome of the CVE stock ( has suspended dividend if I am correct) does reflect the general outlook for the Canadian energy stocks;

but after the last Fed election, one of the natural gas company just moved the head
office to the USA, the dividend paid out from what I understand no longer qualified for the dividend tax advantage

I wonder if CVE might be the next Canadian energy company to re-locate South of the border ? I also share the deep pain of the workers for the CVE who got laid off after the merger that no longer have a job

I wonder if it is a Value trap stock ?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 29, 2020

Q: Hello 5i team,

I am looking to add both of these "out of favor" stocks in my non-registered account, weighing whether these are current value plays that are candidates for growth over the long term. I have been following their general trend for several weeks looking for an opportunity for a reasonable entry point. Over the last two trading days in July, both stocks have dropped more than the general market and their respective sectors.

What factors does the 5i team attribute to these very short term drops? Do these factors indicate further drop is likely in the short term?

What factors do you consider worthy of weighing? In your opinion what would be a good point to patiently await to own both of these stocks?

Thanks for your opinion!


Read Answer Asked by Sarosh on August 04, 2020
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