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Q: In early March, as the markets dramatically weakened due to looming economic damage from Covid-19, I sold four smaller, lower-quality positions within my portfolio, mainly for tax-loss reasons (the proceeds represent <2% of the portfolio value), with the intention (option) to re-buy after 30 days (as my philosophy is long-term buy-and-hold). The question now, of course, is whether to re-buy any or all of the 4 positions sold (fortunately, 3 of the 4 are trading at prices substantially lower than what I sold them for). I wonder what your advice would be as to whether to re-buy any or all of these at this time:
(a) Russel Metals;
(b) Cenovus (note—I already hold Suncor as a major position, which I could add to instead);
(c) MTY Food Group (I already hold as major positions SBUX and QSR);
(d) Premium Brand Holdings.

Read Answer Asked by Ted on April 08, 2020
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