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Q: Could you please advise what percentages of there production is in oil, in gas, and in liquids for companies pey, arx, bir, tou, and ovv. Seeing that the new gas pipeline to the coast is expected to begin operations in early 2024 for LNG, I wonder which of these 5 companies is best suited to take advantage of this pipeline, or any other company that comes to mind. Many tnx.

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 06, 2023

Q: Do you think conditions for Nat Gas to go higher from here over next 1-2 years is likely?

I currently hold position in PEY as my only nat gas exposure (2% weighting). Looking to increase that exposure for income and growth, so wondering which of BIR or TOU you would choose to hold over 2-3 year timeframe? Or, would positions in both, or perhaps another nat gas stock, make sense alongside PEY? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Tony on August 23, 2023
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