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Review of goeasy Ltd

APR 13, 2020 - In the recessionary environment, losses could increase but GSY could also see higher demand for loans. While the shares are sensitive in the short-term, shares are attractive for long-term investors. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: Hello 5i,
I sold PLC at a gain to buy AW due to the higher dividend and good pricing. I sold ET and bought TCL.A also at a good price now.

With the excess cash from the sale of ET should I wait to see what you suggest next or buy CU which s not in your portfolios but has a good dividend, is at a good price and is suggested by you in many instances or buy GOEASY also at a good price, growing, and a reasonable dividend? I am 73 looking for dividend and some growth with a ten year outlook. I do not need the funds as a defined pension plus dividends. If you have better suggestions I would appreciate them.

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on September 17, 2020

Q: I am negative on subject three U.S. companies (FSLY, TWLO, ISRG) While these companies may be good growth companies if held long enough, I would appreciate your suggestions of several U.S. and Canadian companies that are likely to have more near term growth, any market segment and I have much risk tolerance. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Klaus on September 15, 2020
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