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Review of EQB Inc.

JUL 05, 2022 - EQB has set a good precedent of being one of Canada’s top Challenger banks and being the first to move to a cloud-based system. The company operates at a low valuation and offers investors a reasonable dividend yield of 2.1%, with a long history of stable/expanding ROE, and growth in its revenue and earnings. We are initiating coverage at a ‘B+’.

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Q: Hi team,

Which Canadian and U.S. stocks do you see as presently having positive momentum leading to strong growth in a near future ?

Have a good day,

Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 28, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
I've just started following EQB with an eye to getting in.
In the past week all 5 major banks are nicely up (even CM!) as is NA.
Conversely, EQB has had a sharp drop followed by a bit of a bounce, but is down overall.
I realize a week is not long and typically not a period of time from which to draw conclusions. However, the opposite direction of WQB's trajectory to other banks has me confused.
Can you explain why its trajectory over the past week would be so markedly different from other, bigger, names in the sector. Is it a sign of some fundamental weakness that isn't well publicized, is it just one of those short term things that defy explanation, is it due to a difference in its business model that is seen as a weakness, is it size related and is it typical for it to go in the opposite direction than most other names in the sector?
I'd sure like to have better insight into EQB, given its behaviour over the past brief while.
Thanks 5i,

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 18, 2023
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