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Investment Q&A

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Q: Everyone. If you were 30 years old today, what ten stocks (Canada or US) would you buy? Clayton
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on June 17, 2024
Q: Hello

I recently submitted a question on TD, expressing concerns about possible lingering ill effects due to the money laundering episode. In a nutshell, 5Is position was that there was little concern on their part about TDs future and that most banks are subjected to the same money laundering threats. Just received this presser:

"Toronto-Dominion Bank's anti-money laundering program will take longer to cure and could have a greater and more damaging impact on the bank's franchise and earnings power. After confirming TD Bank's AA credit rating in May, additional shortcomings in the program, controls and operational risk-management practices have surfaced. Morningstar expects additional investment in risk and control infrastructure and expected monetary and non-monetary penalties, as well as the ongoing attention of leadership on remediation efforts, will act as earnings headwinds. There also is a risk regulators conducting investigations will reveal other related and/or unrelated issues, it says."

Still little concern on your part?

I did sell a third of my TD holdings after receiving your input. It was my largest holding.

Read Answer Asked by Carl on June 14, 2024
Q: Are any of the other large Canadian Banks similarly exposed to investigation/prosecution in the U.S. for the same activity that TD was convicted? Also, can to tell me what % of each banks total business revenue comes from U.S. sources?
Read Answer Asked by Will on June 14, 2024
Q: Hi 5I. My largest holding is TD and I am going to reduce it by a third. Reasons are mainly concerns of future US growth because of the money-laundering stain. The potential fine is not as concerning as being shunned by investors resulting in stunted growth in the US. With the proceeds I was thinking of adding to my RY holding and taking a position in IFC. Or should I be looking at another big 6 such as NA or ...? Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Carl on May 30, 2024
Q: Dear Peter et al:

You can call me a "Nervous Nellie" if you want (!) but I am older than you and know that sometimes the story like TD to play out can take a looong time!

If one is sitting in a small loss position in TD, worth switching to another bank like RY or BNS? Or move into a riskier stock like GSY or an insurance co like SLF? I know it is comparing Apples VS Oranges. Nothing against TD. I am sure it will bounce back. But I can "see" it moving sideways for a while. Just an old man's opinion.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 29, 2024
Q: What are your views on TD earnings and what lies ahead? Stock performance is very disappointing. How long do you think it will take for TD to surface and start moving upwards. Looking for a view over the next 3 - 12 months or will it take longer than this? I guess I should ask how much lower you think it might go? When should buyers start buying?
Read Answer Asked on May 24, 2024
Q: Hello,

What are your recommendations for Canadian banks for a TFSA with a 15+ year horizon?
Read Answer Asked by Luc on May 22, 2024
Q: I read a more detailed US legal article on the TD money laundering scandal in NY/NJ and was quite disturbed. It has been a core holding of mine for a full decade. Thinking of taking it down from a full to a half position while the DOJ probe and further sanctions play out. Would you caution against this at this time (with damage already done to stock) or do you think its a prudent move?
Read Answer Asked by Patrick on May 22, 2024
Q: I never thought I would be contemplating whether or not to continue to hold these “sleep at night stocks” but here we are. I have no doubt they will recover but in what timeframe? I am particularly concerned about TD. I believe regulators are going to set an example. I am 75 years old and time is at a premium. Please give me some guidance.


Read Answer Asked by Carl on May 22, 2024
Q: Could you please recommend your top 5 solid, dividend-growing companies? what would be your buy prices for each? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Ann on May 21, 2024
Q: Hi group I have taken profits on QSR,MCD,GSY,BYD,WSP,CSU,ARC. So my question in what order and at what price do i get back in i own the others, as listed so please rate them also for adding same format. Thanks for your help with this
Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 17, 2024
Q: With regard to the money laundering attibuted to TD in their US branches. The media reports referenced "duffel bags" of cash presented to tellers for deposit.
Is there not a rule or regulation that any cash transactions over $10,000 as being required to be investigated. or is that in Canada only Also would not the other tellers/manger not see this happening? Sounds crazy.
Read Answer Asked by Reg on May 13, 2024