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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: The above companies are of course different, but can you rank them on a valuation basis as possible additions to existing holdings. Comments on recent earnings reports for WCN and FSV would be helpful.

Read Answer Asked by Greg on November 07, 2022

Q: Taking into consideration current valuations and quality of these companies please rank these companies. Do any in particular look like interesting buys at the moment?

Read Answer Asked by Albert on September 06, 2022

Q: Not a question but just a comment that companies like Aritzia First Service and Go Easy would never have been on my radar without 5i. Iíve held all three for a number of years in my portfolio and theyíve done well. Itís also heartening and reinforcing to hear the ďexpertsĒ on BNN Market Call selecting these names as Top Picks or strong recommendations. I appreciate your sound advice and recommendations. No doubt I can also mention losers that Iíve followed from 5i but my take is that itís up to us to decide when to sell and what to buy based on your data and your informed advice. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on July 26, 2022

Q: Please rank the following companies for long term holds in a TFSA, with a management rating for each. (10 being the best)

Also, I currently hold SHOP and CSU.. Do you feel LSPD and TOI overlap these larger companies too much to consider a position ?

Please suggest any other Canadian companies not listed for long term holds.

Thanks for everything! Cheers

Read Answer Asked by Nick on May 27, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,
I would like an update on which horse you might bet on between these three.
Please rank #1 as the horse that is likely to be the marathon race winner. Can you please also give a higher preference to the horse that has the best balance sheet and stability in this challenging economic environment. High level reasons would also be greatly appreciated so I can understand your thought process. thanks

Read Answer Asked by Ian on May 18, 2022

Q: Given the current market sell-off, could you please give me three growth stocks and three value stocks that you believe are seriously oversold and "on sale" at current levels. Would appreciate a line or two on why you are choosing these stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Chuck on May 10, 2022

Q: What do feel are the best bargains currently in this market ? Top 10 please, and a management ranking, 10 being the best. Long time time horizon. Thanks

Also, please provide your favourite Cnd stock/ETF for an RESP. Long time horizon



Read Answer Asked by Nick on May 04, 2022

Q: Please suggest some growth etfs and stocks for starting RESP for long term hold. Thanks for great service.

Read Answer Asked by KULDIP on May 03, 2022

Q: With the stock market being just terrible these days, what at the companies trading at or near 52 week lows that you would strongly buy if you could (US or CDN)?

Read Answer Asked by Cameron on May 03, 2022

Q: Good Morning Peter & team,

This name has experienced a significant drop since it's high on Dec 31 after experiencing a 700% ROR since May 2015. I know you can't predict a bottom and we are not to profess to be market timers. And we definitely don't like the idea of "catching a falling knife" but... FSV is starting to look more and more attractive the lower it gets. How do you think it will act with addition rate increases in the forecast and would you buy now or look for a bit of a bowl before moving in? Or would you council us to stay away and if so what would be the reasons?

Thanks for all you do


Read Answer Asked by Gord on April 22, 2022

Q: The above stocks are hitting new lows and on every downtown goes lower. I have held these in a riff for some time with still capital gains, however I am loosing patience with the down turn.
Can I have your opinion of 5i if I should continue hold or sell.
How much lower would you expect to see?

Read Answer Asked by Rick on April 19, 2022

Q: A year ago I asked for your opinion on these stocks to incorporate into my current portfolio of banks, utilities, REITS, infrastructure, etc. My first purchase was BAM With the current market decline I see an opportunity to purchase another stock. From a technical view which looks most attractive? From a fundamental view which looks the most attractive ? Which would you purchase next? Thanks. Derek

Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 13, 2022

Q: I am interested in opening a position in either stocks mentioned or potentially another company in the real estate industry. Is there one you guys are favouring at the moment, and why?


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on April 07, 2022

Q: Comprised of the above Canadian companies, our TFSA represents a small portion of our overall portfolio and is its most growth oriented component. All investments are made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years).

Two of the holdings, AT and LSPD are down over 50%, while FSV, GSY, NVEI and WELL are all down by about a third. We intend to do some rebalancing. How would you rate (1-10) these 6 for additional money today? Please include a brief explanation for the ratings.

Finally, if you could add one more Canadian company to the mix, what would it be?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 04, 2022