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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good day all!
We currently have the above stocks on the tech side of our registered and non-registered portfolios. Looking to bring our portfolio in balance with recommended weights.
Can you please suggest 2 new stocks each for non registered and TFSA account that are good buys now. Dividends welcomed but not necessary.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Roger on January 26, 2023

Q: Where to hold Bonds? As I am winding down my income producing years and shifting to drawing down my savings I am wondering where I should hold bonds. We currently hold no fixed income as we will get a pension from my wife's work when she retires( so historically considered that out fixed income). Bonds haven't really been on my radar with rates so low the past 10+ years but things are changing both in terms or yield and my investment needs. I have 4 options to stash some bonds TFSA, RSP, unregistered and within my Inc. I more or less have things in the right place currently with growth in TFSA, US in RRSP and CAD in unregistered accounts. My plan was to sell some USD large caps once the steam runs out of the current rally and buys some high grade corporate bonds, in or around 10-15% of my portfolio. A bit of the old traders strategy of sell in may and walk away...

So to circle back, the easiest place to do it would be in my RRSP, but some of the reading I have done has suggested I do it in my TFSA as I can get the yield out of the TFSA tax free account at any time instead of locking it in the more restricted RRSP accounts. Shifting the TFSA from growth to income also seems like an appropriate move at this stage nearing retirement ( me semi-retired, my wife in 4 years or less). The 3rd option I am considering is doing it in my INC and using the yield to " pay the bills" so to speak of keeping the Inc cash flow positive as my earning drop with me working less.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 20, 2023

Q: What are your top 5 Canadian growth small cap picks for a TFSA? and why (what makes each of them worthy)?

Read Answer Asked by on January 17, 2023

Q: I asked this question yesterday but I don't see it in the 'My Questions' section, so I ask again. I want to add a dividend growth company or ETF to my kids RESP with a 5-10 year time horizon. I already have T, BMO, and ABBV in other accounts. What do you recommend from the 5i Research stock and ETF universe as a good buy now with plans to add over time? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Zohreh on January 17, 2023

Q: When managing multiple TFSA accounts, the rules are not always clear. Could you please let me know if my interpretations are sound.

I have two self-directed TFSA accounts with an on-line broker. My understanding is that the total amount I can contribute to both accounts in a year cannot exceed my available TFSA contribution room for that year.

Am I correct in assuming that the following scenarios are allowable and have no tax consequences:

- Contribution room created by withdrawals from one TFSA account in the previous year could be used to make contributions in either or both TFSA accounts.

- Holdings can be transferred from one TFSA account to the other account at any time without the need for contribution room, as long as it is moved directly from account to account by the broker.


Read Answer Asked by Alvin on January 11, 2023

Q: I like the high dividend paying shares of NYMT. Do you see any reason for a Canadian like me to pass on buying it for my RRSP.
After some research it seems to me that I would not pay tax on the dividend payout received in an RRSP. Can you verify that?
Other well respected dividend paying shares such as Bell (BCE) and Enbridge are Canadian companies so I could hold them in my TFSA without any tax implications. I am also noticing CM (Cibc) for long term RRSP or TFSA hold. BNS.TO, Also Telus KEY.To, Hydro one I won't mention Rogerw because I just don't like the way they do business. VDY.To. ZWP.TO covered call ETF. ZWE.TO is another one.
looking to get creative and make my own portfolio but not to proud to buy an ETF for income. I know you have an income portfolio I appreciate that and will look through it again. Looking for feedback for this strategy. I am a 50 year old Canadian citizen living in Canada looking for long term holdings.
Happy New Year - all the best.

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on January 09, 2023

Q: I have the above stocks in my TFSA and they are all down and smaller positions. I also have GSY, KXS, SHOP, TOI, ECN, SIS, SU, MEG and ENB in this 300K TFSA (thanks to SHOP and 5i). I am wondering about topping up 2-3 of the above down stocks or something new with this year's contribution. My usual approach has just been to top up the losers but this market has me struggling for ideas. Would you add to any of the losers above or do you have 2-3 new suggestions for me. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Earl on January 06, 2023

Q: How would you invest ‘23’s $6500 TSFA allowance? Is there 3 or 4 North American stocks you would buy tomorrow? DCA over the next month into one name? Not concerned about sector or risk - 10 year investment horizon.

Thinking SHOP, BN, NVDA and GOOG. All of which I own today and are down from when I purchased.

Appreciate your thoughts.


Read Answer Asked by Don on January 04, 2023

Q: My 21 year Daughter has a small TFSA with some Stocks and a ETF. What are a few Growth stocks that you would recommend for the longer term. Looking for some suggestions for stocks that have good growth prospects and would be more that could buy and forget about.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 04, 2023

Q: Hi team,

Looking for strong growth names in my tfsa, I have been considering cheap stocks with potential. An alternative approach would be to look at names which have been doing very well this year and which still have momentum and potential. Grateful for your comments and some names which have wind in their sails.

Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on January 03, 2023

Q: Hi Team,
Since it's near year end, I was wondering if you could list me some of your TOP PICK ideas for a 2023 TFSA contribution. I am looking for long term hold ideas. Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on December 23, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,
This is pertaining to the question about moving stock In Kind from an RRSP to a TFSA. I have done this numerous times with RBC Direct Investing and I will recount the process as I have experienced it.
1. I will use 20% as the withholding tax amount as an example only. If you wish to transfer $6,500 of equity the tax is calculated as follows: 6,500 / 0.80% = 8,125 * 0.20% = $1,625 Withholding Tax.
2. The withholding tax can be either cash on hand in the account or the broker can be instructed to sell the required additional shares of the equity (or even of some other equity) to cover the cost of the tax.
3. The shares are transferred out to a cash/margin account, they do NOT go directly into the TFSA. They are then subsequently transferred into the TFSA within a day or two at the most - as I recall.
4. Make sure you retain copies of all transactions to capture all relevant data for tax purposes.
This has been my experience and the process has worked smoothly and quickly for me. And, kudos to RBC Direct Investing staff who have worked with me on doing this - they have overwhelmingly been helpful and knowledgeable.
I hope this helps......
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at 5i and in the 5i community!!!

Read Answer Asked by Mike on December 22, 2022

Q: Hi 5i. Merry Christmas to all !

I need some help with the mechanics of an 'in-kind transfer'. Particularly with one from a RRSP to a TFSA.

If I use the 2023 TFSA contribution limit of $6500 and want to move that amount of Stock 'A' from a RRSP to a TFSA, then I understand that withholding tax would apply to that amount.

Where does the withholding tax get paid from? I am assuming a number of Stock 'A' shares would be sold to cover the amount of tax owed. Is that correct?

Furthermore, is it possible to have the withholding tax paid from cash within the RRSP or would the tax owed be added to the transfer of $6500 0f Stock 'A' to the TFSA?

Essentially, can I move $6500 of Stock 'A' to the TFSA and pay the withholding tax from cash in the RRSP, as if they were two separate transactions.

Thanks in advance.


Read Answer Asked by Martin on December 22, 2022

Q: With reference to Andrea's question on transfer-in-kind of stock to TFSA,
what if the transfer involves capital gains, instead of loss, with stocks transferred from a non registered account to a TFSA? How should the capital gains be handled?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 21, 2022

Q: This is probably a silly question but I don't want to make a mistake.
Instead of raising 6500.00 cash for my TFSA on Jan 1st, I'm thinking about transferring stock out of my cash account instead. I've already sold my tax loss candidates. I'm not sure how this works though. If my book cost is 6500.00 and market value is 3000.00, does that mean I've contributed my full amount? And in what scenario would this be a smart idea? I could also transfer stocks with significant capital gains.


Read Answer Asked by Andrea on December 21, 2022