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Investment Q&A

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Q: What would be your top 10 “sleep at night” stocks for US and Canada?
Read Answer Asked by Ben on April 22, 2024
Q: I am trying to determine the economic dynamics of bitcoin, specifically mining. Today’s G&M article on bitcoin states that with the halving and its the resultant effect , and the cap of 21 million coins , the rewards for mining will become smaller eventually approaching zero. Am I correct in this ? If miners get no reward then someday they will cease to mine. What would replace this I wonder. Economics 101 would show that a cap on anything skews the economic model and creates opportunities. I know GLXY does much more than mining . Still trying to figure this whole thing out. Thanks. Derek
Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 22, 2024
Q: Hi, What is your current opinion on EQB ? Stock had a strong run, but if I remember correctly, their most recent results were not and encouraging and stock took a hit. Do you think, the issues with the last quarter were only temporary and EQB is buyable today for a new position at current levels ? EQB was recommended by at least a couple of brokerages, recently ( Including CIBC), as the Best Growth story among Canadian banks. Do you agree ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on April 19, 2024
Q: With all the new tech and sensors built into new cars, a lot of these cars do not make into the shop doors after an accident as they are now just written off as to expensive to fix. The part suppliers cost has gotten out of hand and the insurance companies are just had of enough of this cost increase to fix. EVs are even more difficult to repair in the shop and need special training and equipment. Car insurance has been the highest inflation % increase. It makes me wonder what is going to happen to say BYD and other repair shops. One thing for certain, it is going to cost the auto driver a lot more for insurance in the future.
Thanks Again
Read Answer Asked by eugene on April 15, 2024
Q: Good morning
these three ETFs have stellar one year performance to January 6th according to your March issue of Money Saver magazine. Do you see them topped out for the present or would you still see a buying opportunity here
Read Answer Asked by Guy R. on April 15, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
I recently took a flyer on PRL and have a nice gain in a registered account, which has made me wonder if it's sustainable or if it might have topped out.
I see that in March alone management sold in excess of $18M worth of shares, with CEO Clive Kinross leading that charge at a million shares sold for almost $15,000,000 in return. Meanwhile, over the past year insiders have bought very little. I know management sells for all sorts of reasons that are unrelated to their view of a company's prospects, but in this particular case do you think there is cause for concern?
And secondly, is the current high P/E a sign it may be time to take the money and run?
Thanks 5i, and I look forward to your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 11, 2024