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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello Team,

Looking at starting a new position in a few of the 12 companies tagged. Can you rank from 1 to 12 on which companies you think is the best to start a new position in. No worries on size, industry or risk, looking for capital appreciation only over the next 3 years.

Thanks again!
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on July 15, 2024
Q: I have had the stocks above for long enough to watch them go up and then retreat dramatically after their last quarterly reports. Any thoughts on if taking advantage of the dip with these three is a good strategy or just hold what I have currently? All are underweight in my portfolio. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Stefan on July 10, 2024
Q: What would you consider good entry points for the noted stocks? Is there any you would not purchase at current levels?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on May 23, 2024
Q: With quarterly earnings winding down I'm curious to hear about about a couple of your biggest surprises. Are there a few outliers on the positive and negative side? Can be US or Canadian.
Read Answer Asked by Kel on May 22, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
Just mulling over how to punch up a part of my TFSA that's not done much for me lately and is looking like it might do even less in the next year or so:
Specifically, I'm considering the wisdom of selling all the CTS I hold (at a fairly sizable loss) and replacing it with either NFI (which seems to be trending in the right direction, share price wise) or DCBO (which might be at a good entry point right now) in the expectation that by making this move in a year's time I'll be ahead of where holding CTS would leave me.
So, boiled down, is selling CTS now sensible, and is either NFI or DCBO a good replacement and, if so, which one is likely the better replacement?
And if neither, could you suggest another?
Thanks for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 15, 2024
Q: My total small cap stands at about 12% of total portfolio. As a reminder volatility is part of the game when investing in small caps regardless of the time frame you invest in. I bought these 3 in the last few months with the hope that I had properly evaluated the risk-reward. Having said all that I intend to keep these companies as I still believe that most of the short term risk has now been taken into account. As the Rolling Stones sing... Time is on my side.

Question to 5I, are the 3 all keepers with 3-5 years time frame or are there better options. Those are invested in registered accounts so there is no fiscal benefit to sell. Please identify a sell if one is.

Read Answer Asked by Yves on May 13, 2024
Q: Good day,

Did a huge portfolio makeover a few months ago, almost entirely with your picks (minus a few that didn't click for me) and some of my high own high conviction names. For the most part, they've all done pretty well, with the exception of the last few weeks.

1. Is the last few weeks just overall uncertainty/retraction?
2. bep and bip are down ~15%, is it worthwhile getting out and averaging down BAM or BNS?
3. ATS and CELH are down after large runups after I bought. worth buying/averaging down on one of these?
4. DCBO and NXT back to scratch after huge runs. Do you expect those levels to return? Timeline wise? NXT spun from FLEX, but Flex continues to climb
5. KXS is down 8%, and seems pretty spikey over the last 5 years. Just wait for the next one? Should this start to create more of a steadier trend upward?
6. I bought POWL, and it's basically done nothing, thoughts on the company now? alternatives?
7. I saw a youtuber vid that really loved POET for the coming months years. I was telling a friend about it yesterday because I like (and understand) the technology and what it could do. He literally bought some while we were talking yesterday morning and he's up 30%... Are the company fundamentals/contracts improving? or could it just be hype from youtubers and the like?

Almost all of these had some pretty significant periods of running since I rebalanced in Jan/Feb. I know market timing is not a solid practice, but in a lot of these growth names, at what point is that jump worth moving on from, freeing up some cash for another opportunity down the road? And how do you determine whether it's time or not?

Finally, in the event that your attitudes have changed on any of these, do you have a top 3 CAD, top 3 US new ideas over the last few months that have really turned the tide/become strong buys that I may replace/add?

Thanks for everything!

Read Answer Asked by James on May 01, 2024
Q: Hi 5i: I have a small position in LMN. I will add PRL with a pullback??? I would like to add a 3rd Canadian from the tech space.
I would appreciate your recommendation for this addition. Thank you for you your suggestion.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on April 25, 2024
Q: A number of these companies have done very well recently while others have not. Could you rate these as Buy/Hold/Sell and for those you consider a buy, could you provide what you feel is a good entry point.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Timothy on April 05, 2024