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Investment Q&A

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Q: NVEI versus the rest ...

Can you suggest the names of some growth companies that you feel have more potential in today's market?



Read Answer Asked by David on September 12, 2023

Q: You mention in your last response that GOOS can be kept. Would you start a position here? What of the other names in the growth portfolio would you buy here?

Read Answer Asked by Gregory on September 01, 2023

Q: I always kick myself when I come to realize a missed opportunity and tell myself that next time, i'll recognize the trend and take advantage of it.

This is me asking that question now.

What 5 US and 5 CDN positions, in your opinion are very much out of favour right now but have quality fundamentals with an excellent chance for share appreciation over the next 3 years?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on August 15, 2023

Q: I would like to add one from your growth Model (new position).
Please indicate your preference at this time and if possible your reasoning.
Thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on July 30, 2023

Q: I was wondering what companies in Canada might be in a position to benefit from the AI technology? Would SHOPIFY be on your list? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Pat on July 24, 2023

Q: WELL ( even) , EIF (up), EGLX (ouch ), are my only TFSA holdings and are in equal amounts.

Would you give 3 of your best picks of Canadian small caps ( other than the above ) with reasons why. I can handle risk.
Thanks. Derek

Read Answer Asked by Derek on July 21, 2023

Q: I have this in a TSFA account. What do you think of the likelihood of this going up? Should I hold or sell this stock? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Linda on July 18, 2023

Q: So far it has been an eventual year to date for Quarterhill -- gone are the CEO , the dividend , the CFO and the WiLan Division . The sale of WiLan seemed like an overly complicated transaction -- what is your opinion of the price of $71m they received ?
Quarterhill was a top pick yesterday on BNN , and at close of business today the stock was up 20% in two days . What is your current opinion of QTRH -- are they perhaps a candidate for going private , or maybe a takeover target ?

Read Answer Asked by Thomas A.J. on June 30, 2023

Q: Hi team
awhile ago, someone did mention re: some of the top Canadian companies that has involvement in AI (artificial intelligence) that are top picks
the names of OTEX and KXS were mentioned; are they still the top picks in this sector in Canadian stocks? could you add 1-2 more names in the order that you would recommend? I got both OTEX and KXS already in my portfolio; thanks

Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 30, 2023

Q: Hi 5i: Do you have any suggestions regarding Canadian AI and cyber security opportunities. Thank You.


Read Answer Asked by Tom on February 02, 2023

Q: Can you please name your favourite single stocks in Canada that are in the really future-oriented disruptive tech sectors (AI, quantum, 5G, genomics, others)?

Read Answer Asked by Chris on December 06, 2022

Q: HI Peter
I have 10,000 cash in my tfsa .I would like to invest in a growth stock that meets the following criteria.
Down 60 to 70 % from highs because of current markets
increasing revenues
low or no debt
Cash on Hand

Please provide me with your recommendations
Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Howard on November 30, 2022