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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I was planning on growing my position in these companies during 2022 in my TFSA account. Is there any of these companies you wouldn't invest in or replace for an other company (please indicate witch company you would replace it by).

Also can you say in what order you would rank these companies from highest to lowest, highest being you favourite and lowest least favourite?

Read Answer Asked by Rick on January 07, 2022

Q: Hi 5I
I have $180,000 split evenly amongst above companies in RRSP. I was going to begin withdrawing $10,000 every year and am looking for strategy to draw down to maximize growth of account. Is there a ranking of companies to sell first, or take a bit from each? I like them all so tough call for me. Appreciate all your advice since my initial membership in 5I.

Read Answer Asked by Craig on December 08, 2021

Q: What sequence would you add for largest overall return for 2 years and least risk for AND, ANRG, DCBO, LCFS, NBLY, STLC

Read Answer Asked by David on December 03, 2021

Q: Please rate in order of long term potential. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 18, 2021


This is a story in the Globe and Mail dated Sept 25th 2021. The article made all lot of sense and there seems to be a disconnect with growth at all cost with no profit. Maybe this is how things are done just look at how our government is run.

I don't have a specific question to any of the companies mentioned above but with LSPD in the news lately maybe it will apply. I know there has been a short report put out on LSPD and from some of the comments that I am reading from 5i that they are false.

My question is how do you know?

We don't know the real workings of a company and what we get from them is what they want us to hear. Take for example XBC, that wiped out all of value from investors because we didn't get the correct information from Management. It's what they wanted us to hear and we believed them.

I think there should be some healthy skepticism with regards to what Management says and does and investors should take away that capital preservation is paramount.

If LSPD or any company that gets shorted and can't explain the reasons for the discrepancy in a respectfully dialogue then maybe there is some truth to it but like I said we don't really know.

Who is right? The short trader or the Stock promotor?

Until we get all the information it will always be Buyer Beware and don't fall in love with any stock.


Read Answer Asked by Richard on October 06, 2021

Q: HELLO 5i TEAM, I'm looking to add a couple of tech stocks after this down draw is past. Please advise the "NET DEBT" for each of the above companies, and which 5i would recommend a buy in a month or so.

Read Answer Asked by Keith on October 05, 2021

Q: Over the last couple of months a lot of Canadian tech stocks have seen huge gains in a very short time.

CSU from $1,730 to $2,130
DCBO from $65 to $104;
DSG from $70 to $97;
KXS from $135 to $199;
LSPD from $85 to $131;
MAGT from $26 to $55;
NVEI from $100 to $161;
TOI from $80 to $125.

1) Do you think this is getting overdone and are we due for some kind of correction in this sector?

2) Are any of the above still good buys after these large, rapid price increases?

3) Are there any Canadian tech stocks that have "missed the party" so to speak, haven't seen large rapid price increases like those above, and are good buys currently?


Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 30, 2021

Q: I'm looking to reduce the overall amount of positions. Of my tech names which would you suggest selling?

From what I can gather you prefer NVDA to AMD and would suggest one of either SHOP or LSPD. Is this accurate? Other suggestions or ideas to pair down?

Thank you very much

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on April 28, 2021

Q: How would you rank the above 3 stocks for growth? CTS is much smaller but valuation appears to be better than the other 2 - can you please comment? Is debt a concern with any of these stocks? NVEI seems to be about the same size as LSPD - do you feel it is currently over-valued like LSPD? I recall 5i recently decreased the rating on LSPD from B+ to B.
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on April 14, 2021

Q: For a stock price to double in 5 years requires an average gain of about 15% compounded, annually. Would you please rank these 12 stocks in order for the likelihood, in your opinion, they will double in price in the next 5 years. Roughly how many of these 12 would you expect to achieve that target? Assuming no major long term market melt down which would preclude good stock performance over this period. CTS, DCBO, DND, DOO, ECN, GOOS, GSY, KXS, MG, NVEI, PHO, TIXT.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 07, 2021