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Q: Hello,
I have cash in my RRSP to buy an initial position in one of these companies. Growth focus, with a chance to double the share price in a 5-year timeline approx. Morningstar rates both as "undervalued".
On TOI, on April 1st you mentioned two funds have recently bought-in (Fidelity and Akre). TOI has now run up 20% in the last 3 weeks, ahead of the May 5 call and their first reporting as a public co. It feels like the smart money knows there is good performance coming on TOI, near-term and further out, with its parent company providing support. If you were picking just one of these...

Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 19, 2021

Q: These are the 4 losing stocks in my long term hold portfolio. I am considering to sell them because I start to doubt my original thesis of owning them. Please rank in selling order if a better buying opportunity becoming available. Thank you. Bill.

Read Answer Asked by Bill on April 12, 2021

Q: For a stock price to double in 5 years requires an average gain of about 15% compounded, annually. Would you please rank these 12 stocks in order for the likelihood, in your opinion, they will double in price in the next 5 years. Roughly how many of these 12 would you expect to achieve that target? Assuming no major long term market melt down which would preclude good stock performance over this period. CTS, DCBO, DND, DOO, ECN, GOOS, GSY, KXS, MG, NVEI, PHO, TIXT.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 07, 2021
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