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Review of Telus International

JUN 13, 2023 - TIXT operates as a digital experience designer that builds and provides solutions for global and disruptive brands regarding the current trends of global technology. Although we think that the fundamentals have been impaired compared to previous years, the underlying business is still inherently attractive with a decent gross margin and a large addressable market. We are downgrading the company to B+ to reflect a better picture of the business.

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Q: Hi Everyone!
I have all of the above and am underwater on all but Nvee . I am cleaning up my portfolio. I am not in need of the money at the moment , but are any of the ones listed not worth keeping or do they have a good chance of recovery.

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on September 19, 2023

Q: hi, looking at your model growth portfolio, all these entities are down in share price. are they all a buy today? any a sell? any other growth equities in the portfolio you like better than these listed right now? and are there any CDN growth equities not in the portfolio you like better than these ( eg ?LMN etc. )

Read Answer Asked by chris on September 18, 2023

Q: Do you think there is a risk that Telus would make an offer to take over TIXT now that its share price has been severely beaten down? It would be a brutal hit for existing TIXT shareholders but probly a very good move for Telus. I recall TD bank doing exactly this many years ago when they spun out their online trading business and the market didnt price its future growth very well.


Read Answer Asked by Joel on September 01, 2023
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