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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Everyone!
I have all of the above and am underwater on all but Nvee . I am cleaning up my portfolio. I am not in need of the money at the moment , but are any of the ones listed not worth keeping or do they have a good chance of recovery.

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on September 19, 2023

Q: hi, looking at your model growth portfolio, all these entities are down in share price. are they all a buy today? any a sell? any other growth equities in the portfolio you like better than these listed right now? and are there any CDN growth equities not in the portfolio you like better than these ( eg ?LMN etc. )

Read Answer Asked by chris on September 18, 2023

Q: Do you think there is a risk that Telus would make an offer to take over TIXT now that its share price has been severely beaten down? It would be a brutal hit for existing TIXT shareholders but probly a very good move for Telus. I recall TD bank doing exactly this many years ago when they spun out their online trading business and the market didnt price its future growth very well.


Read Answer Asked by Joel on September 01, 2023

Q: A number of the companies in your growth Portfolio have seen significant recent pullbacks. Specifically, DND, NVEI, TSU, TVE, TIXT and CTS. Would you consider these companies as Buy/Hold/Sell at current pricing?


Read Answer Asked by Timothy on August 24, 2023

Q: Please sort the list if you were assigned a task of bottom fishing.
Firstly sort them (best to worst) in terms of growth perspective for next 3-5 years.
Secondly sort them from fundamentals/safety perspectives.
Ignore diversification.
Also feel free to add your own favorite bottomed pick.

Read Answer Asked by Jabs on August 16, 2023

Q: Value shopper here with interest of buying and forgetting about stocks on sale with solid future potential. Are these 3 of the best for this strategy. Would you add ECN to the pile and are there others???

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on August 10, 2023

Q: How would you rank these current and 2-3year potential. All except TOI look to be massively discounted versus previous performance. Possible multi baggers?

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on August 02, 2023

Q: I have a significant capital loss on TIXT. I know you're not tax experts, but do you think TIXT is sufficiently independent from T such that if I take my tax loss on TIXT and put the proceeds in T until the 30 days is up before I reinvest in TIXT that CRA would allow the original tax loss? Thank you for all you do. John

Read Answer Asked by John on July 31, 2023

Q: Hi, Thanks for sharing your recent views on Telus, based on the T/TIXT, reduced guidance. In your opinion, and based on recent commentary, how long it might take for TIXT to overcome the pressure on its revenues/profits and in turn, stop being a drag on its parent Telus ? The issue is that even if Telus continues to report great numbers for its core business, TIXT pressure will likely keep a lid on share price of Telus and dividend alone will not be enough to cover it.

Considering the opportunity cost of the capital for this time period, we would like to offload full or at least half of our position, over next few days, in 2/3 tranches.

Based on the technicals/charts, what is the price range, you would use to liquidate ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 18, 2023

Q: I'm now down over 60% on this company, where does an investor go to get reliable company information. Is there any value in this company or is it going the same way as EGLX & a few others that I've sold recently it always comes as a surprise announcement and the average investor is left wondering the information that is available is tainted to say the least.

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on July 18, 2023

Q: Hi,
I'm wondering what your thoughts are regarding Telus' reducing 2023 guidance. I've had it for a while and while price is under my buy in as of today's drop, dividends cover that. Do you think the reaction today is overdone, or is it time to move to something more profitable? I'm an active investor, so tend to follow the momentum. I am concerned T has been steadily losing momentum since last May 2022 and am thinking with this change in fundamental outlook, that trajectory will continue for a while. Dividends are nice to have, but are not worth having if the stock's price continues to deteriorate. It would be interested to know what you would suggest as a replacement at this time? BCE, NVDA, GOOG, MSFT, WSP, Cdn banks are all currently owned, no Health Care exposure and what seems like too much energy exposure lately. Add to something? Find something new? Cdn or US doesn't matter. Sorry - lots of questions here, so deduct accordingly.


Read Answer Asked by Dawn on July 17, 2023

Q: Hi, Telco stocks have been weak for past few months , with new 52 weeks lows. perhaps due to pressure from increased competition ( Rogers/Shaw) and rising interest rates. Many analysts have also revised their price targets lower, in anticipation of weak results and soft outlook, at least in the near term.

My question is more specific to Telus, which was hit hard today, due to lower guidance announced by TIXT. Although, TIXT accounts for only 10% of Telus revenues/earnings, but it appears to be a continuous drag for the parent co. I know, 5i hold TIXT in its portfolio and has been supporting to own the stock, despite its downward trajectory for a long time. Telus now faces not just industry challenge from its peers, but also additional impact with negative and uncertain outlook for TIXT.

In light of this, if we wish to own only one Telco, would it be safer and

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 15, 2023

Q: In a recent reader's Q. about 13 companies ranked for long term growth ATS (a 5i "B" name) was ranked first and TIXT ("B+")last.

I am trying to understand if it was only the growth factor that compelled the ranking, or is there some other?

In a recent report you state TIXT " has a
12.6X forward P/E, which is significantly lower than its peers, at 24.9X on average." The report also states the stock trades at a significant discount to its many measures.

Kindly reconcile my confusion in your apparent rationale and also tell me which are the TIXT peers.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on July 04, 2023