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Q: Hi,
This is a hypothetical question, but out of the four stocks listed, which one would you consider that has the potential to be the next Shopify, or is there another that I have not listed?


Read Answer Asked by Ilie on November 19, 2020

Q: Hello,
With the media and other financial write ups all talking about this great sector rotation out of growth and tech stocks into value stocks seems a little over blown to my logical mind.
Its made to sound that stocks , in the "Packaged software " sector like
-LSPD, DND, REAL, NVEI ,VEEV etc are part of that big rotation.
When I think about this, I beg to differ and am of the opinion that these stocks will become even more relevant in the future of our economy irrespective of Covid.
Have I lost my "marbles" or being too naive to think that way?
Your feedback is always appreciated.
NB* I do own these stocks that I mentioned.

Read Answer Asked by Ilie on November 16, 2020
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