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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Based on the companies contained in the two portfolios above, which of them are you most impressed with, having gone thru the pandemic, which would lead you to expect even better results as the economy moves past the stimulus provided by the feds?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on August 18, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
Whenever i look up the quote for NFI group, there is normally a news release of more orders and yet the stock hardly moves. With the EV craze, I would have expected more from this company with respect to rise in stock price.. Is there a better pick in this industry?

Read Answer Asked by umedali on July 22, 2021

Q: hello 5i team, I am 68 years old. As I get older I like to simplify my portfolios. Above is my CDN holdings. I have a U.S. portfolio of about 15 blue chip companies.
from this list which ones would you keep and which ones to sell? and time frame to sell? now/ 6 months+?
I appreciate your guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on June 16, 2021

Q: Good morning all. I currently have a 1/3rd position in LEV and a 2/3rd position in NFI. I see these stocks as complimentary of each other. However I am considering either eliminating or reducing my stake in NFI in favor of LEV. Considering history and experience of NFI vs opportunity and rapid deployment for LEV (and only one quarter on record) would you consider this a good move or just a speculative move at this point?

Read Answer Asked by Roger on May 19, 2021

Q: Morning 5i,
After its earnings report yesterday VMC has risen about 14% as I write this, to $7.20. NFI meanwhile, is trading at $25.63. My question is: relative to NFI and using it as the benchmark, in your opinion is VMC trading at a premium or a discount and, if so, by how much and what do you think accounts for or explains that premium or that discount? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 18, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
Doing some Sunday morning tinkering, and have noted that in Portfolio Analytics you classify NFI and VMC as Consumer Cyclical. Could you explain the rationale for that, because if I follow that classification for those 2 companies it has quite an impact on my actual and recommended sector weightings. I had thought they were both broadly Industrials before being further fine tuned to machinery and heavy equipment, based on the products they provide and the "consumers" (municipalities mainly) of those products.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 18, 2021

Q: I hold RAY.A in 2 of my accounts for 18+ months now, not gone anyway just steady with 5% change and DIV, would it be good move to sell RAY.A and add to my existing holding in NFI or PHO, I am already 80% up on PHO with fairly (very) large position

Read Answer Asked by Francis on May 06, 2021

Q: I hold the above in my income portfolio. With the exception of psi they are half positions. psi has diminished to well under a half position. I have enough new money to top 4 or 5 up to full positions. Which of the above (if any) would you suggest deserve a full 5% weighting? I am of course willing to move in a new direction if that were your advice. I currently hold 24 positions in this account.

Read Answer Asked by Rod on April 22, 2021

Q: I currently hold 3% positions in FTT, TCL.A, ARE in the Industrial; as well as MG and NFI in Consumer Discretionary (I realize that these are in a different sectors but are also semi-industrial). I am thinking of adding MAL as a long term recovery play. FTT, & ARE had been added last year for these reasons. I'm quite bullish in NFI and see it as having the most upside in the short term.

Do you see this as being a good addition/strategy?

To fund a 1.5% position MAL is there one company that you see as not having as much "upside" that you would trim by half, or a combination that you would suggest trimming from?


Read Answer Asked by Cory on April 06, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,
On the seeking alpha website, they have a press release stating that NFI acquired an order for 46 ZE buses for fleets in Scotland which can be checked on the ADL website (an NFI subsidiary).

Then there is another press release today for 126 ZE buses for Glasgow on the seeking alpha website which is not on the NFI website.

1) Is the second press release true?
2) If both orders are correct, how much does this move the needle in terms of back orders (I am guessing that these orders can be canceled at any time)?

Thank You,

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on April 01, 2021

Q: Bought BAD a few months back as a recovery play and have done ok however recent results cause me to question the growth prospects. Should I continue to hold or sell and add to my existing positions in SIS, NFI, QSR and MG. All good recovery plays in my opinion.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on March 15, 2021

Q: Of the companies listed, which one would you start a new half position in today for a potential 5 plus year hold in a balanced portfolio. And would any in particular benefit from reopening? I understand that I would need to keep on eye on the cyclicals with a view to exiting if needed.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 15, 2021