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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Looking at some Canadian companies that are involved in various aspects of consumer activity such as retail, investing, borrowing. Please rate each of the following on a scale of 1-10 for desirability for a 5+ year hold in a well diversified portfolio. Looking for good total return with a higher than average tolerance for share price volatility. These would not be core positions. CF, EQB, GOOS, NFI, PBI, PLC, TSU, TOY, ZZZ.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 18, 2022

Q: Hi
I have Spark in my portfolio.
I have taken my initial investment off the table when the stock went up to 2.50
it has now dropped by 50 % since its high ,
Why the sudden and sharp drop in the stock

re bus sector , I have all 3 stocks in my portfolio , if i want to narrow down to one ,which would you recommend . is there any other bus stock that you would suggest instead of the current 3 that i hold

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Howard on December 21, 2021

Q: Hi everybody,
I know you donít trust much analystsí price target, but Iím still trying to get a picture for NFI.

Your Market Data shows recommandations from only 3 analysts 1Buy/1Hold/1Sell. TipRanks have 7 (4B,2H,1S), Yahoo Finance shows 8 analysts (6 Buy in November), BMO Investorline gives at least 6 recent price targets (mostly cuts). This is a bit frustratingÖ How often are the Market Data recommandations updated ? Can we rely on up to date Key Ratios?


Read Answer Asked by Denise on December 13, 2021

Q: Hello,
Out of the three companies, can you please provide which one is a better buy and why? New Flyer seems to get contracts, but i am assuming their update on supply chain issues and now an offering is holding the stock back. However, would appreciate your thoughts in which one you think will do well. Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on November 17, 2021

Q: I am looking to offset some capital gains received this year from PEO and PHO (thanks!). Currently I have the following holdings in a loss position, in order of dollars down: TDOC, TV, XBC, HAL, XEG, NFI, SQ, TECK.B, XTC, WELL, ENGH, PLTR. I would need to sell the first six to fully offset the gain, or could sell more if using those in a smaller loss position. How would you rank these holdings in order of selling, and which of these would you look to buy back after 30 days (if any)? Note that these are held within a broad portfolio that I am also looking to consolidate.

Read Answer Asked by Dale on November 15, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and staff,
Can you please comment on the above companies and can you please rank them in terms of growth as well as volatility.

Thanks and have a great day.


Read Answer Asked by Joe on November 15, 2021

Q: Hello,
I thought Nvei's results were very good. Why is the stock tumbling? Would you add at this time to Nuvei for full position of 5 percent? What are your thoughts on ATS automation and Trisura and Auto Canada for longer term? Also with big push on EVs, would it be a good time to buy NFI? Thank you for the service.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on November 09, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
I hold NFI in a reg'd account where I endeavour to buy and hold. A while ago it was up nicely but then lost all its gains and more when the revised guidance came out. Now, with its recent soft recovery and dividends accounted for it's back in black, slightly.
I'm not optimistic about NFI's next couple of years and would like to see better capital gain and dividend income from the funds currently in NFI, and I'm considering WJX as a replacement. What do you think of this move and, if not WJX, can you suggest another one or two names for me to consider?
Much the same circumstances and question regarding AQN, which I think is somewhat stale these days and may be for a few years to come. I'm considering CPX as a replacement and would appreciate your opinion on that move, and your suggestions of one or two other than CPX if you think leaving AQN behind is wise but CPX might not be the answer.
Thanks and please deduct accordingly.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 01, 2021

Q: Hello, I am cleaning up my portfolio to take advantage of YE losses... I am down about 5% on these stocks, except PINS ( I am down 20%) which one(s) would you keep and which one(s) you would sell now?

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on September 27, 2021

Q: Based on the companies contained in the two portfolios above, which of them are you most impressed with, having gone thru the pandemic, which would lead you to expect even better results as the economy moves past the stimulus provided by the feds?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on August 18, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
Whenever i look up the quote for NFI group, there is normally a news release of more orders and yet the stock hardly moves. With the EV craze, I would have expected more from this company with respect to rise in stock price.. Is there a better pick in this industry?

Read Answer Asked by umedali on July 22, 2021