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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello , following is my list of losers .. and I am assessing which ones to sell this month for YE capital loss. I appreciate your comments.

As an aside; in watching the huge drop in some of these stocks, one certainly wonders about the wisdom of their CEO's ... as an example META, they are spending billions on Metaverse so that people can work and play and interact in virtual reality .. maybe in the year 2050 !!. and many others that just didn't adopt their businesses to people post Covid returning to work and shop at malls... truly incompetent .. For me, this crash has convinced me to buy shares in companies that are making money and have a strong management team.

Thank you
Carlo R.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on November 07, 2022

Q: Worth sticking with NFI for a recovery given their pre-announcement?

I'm not as worried about the supply chain issues, which will get resolved eventually, but by their covenant with their lenders. A couple of quotes from TD sources:
Quote: "The company has re-engaged with its lenders for
extended covenant relief."
Quote: "NFI expects to finish 2022 with >$500mm of liquidity but will be in breach of covenants given negative cumulative EBITDA condition. NFI is in negotiations for extended covenant relief but reiterated that it does not believe additional equity is required."

Will the banks give them "time to breathe"? The company is still the largest producer of buses in NA and UK... How bad is this situation? Stick with it or cut the loss?

Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Iulian on October 24, 2022

Q: Hello, My loss on these stocks varies from 25% to 65%.. As I get ready for year end losses, which ones may have some life? and which ones to sell.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on August 29, 2022

Q: I have significant tax losses on NFI and am considering selling to use those losses. On the other hand if we go into recession that should help with the supply issues NFI is facing and they have a large book of orders from government bodies who should be able to pay for their orders. Do you see NFI as overvalued at this time in which case I will sell or undervalued and I should hold on in case we enter recession? Thanks for your input.

Read Answer Asked by Murray on May 31, 2022

Q: Good morning, 5i team!

NFI didn't perform well in our portfolio in the last 2 years. Your thought on replacing it with one of these 2: Lion Electric or Rivian. Or just get out and put in Magna or Linamar instead for auto parts instead. Thank you!


Read Answer Asked by Nhung on April 07, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Team,
In the past month alone NFI has received contracts for almost 600 buses (hybrid/electric) according to the headlines on seeking alpha. Do these contracts actually translate into bus sales?

What is keeping this company down over years? Is it that the dept is to high for the market or that the acquisitions simply have not panned out?

Thank You,

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on February 18, 2022

Q: Do you prefer BEP or NPI in the renewable space, are they at good entry points. What is your view on NFI and SunRun, again are they at good entry points?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on January 27, 2022