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Q: Currently my only energy exposure is by way of pipelines; ENB and PPL. Given the prospects for good energy demand and increasing dividends in the sector I would like your recommendation for a company with good dividends and relative strength to withstand the ups and downs in the sector.
This would be a long term position in my dividend focused non-registered portfolio.
I have targeted the above 3 companies as prospects but would be open to others you may recommend. Any preference for Oil vs Gas focus?

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on October 14, 2021

Q: Square
freehold royalies
i downsized an over leveraged and buy only "safe " and if i do i sell an offset.
Today Kim Boulton featured Square as a star. ii ownPaypal and my sense they were similar prospect.
Shoul i sell Paypal to buySquare.
Also please comment on Freehold as a incomestock

Read Answer Asked by thambirajah on September 13, 2021
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