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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I would appreciate your thoughts on holdings in the portfolio. All have been winners - I am fairly prudent yet always looking for trends and will hold long term. I don't rely on dividends though they are preferable. Would you make changes for another holding(s)?

Petroleum: TOU, FRU, ENB
Finance: GWO, NVEI
Steel: STLC, LIF (Watching cyclical trends)
Auto: MG
Mining: CXB, KL, (TRQ - I expect an upturn in 2 quarters)
Software: CTS, LSPD, TOI
Healthcare: WELL

Thank you for your support.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on June 15, 2021

Q: I'm thinking of swapping RDS.B for FRU. Do you think this is a good move? Do you think Shell's stock price and dividend will recover a fair bit with the current oil and gas prices? I've been hearing favorable news with FRU on both fronts, and am curious to know your opinion on this swap. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Ed on March 04, 2021

Q: Trying to reduce the number of stocks I hold. Currently I am broadly diversified across sectors and large cap/small cap, growth/dividend payers, so those are not concerns. I look at total return, and have a long term horizon, 5+ years. Comfortable with risky stocks. I have smallish positions in these 12 stocks and would like to sell maybe 6 to 8 of them, and redeploy the money into a few of the others on the list or into some of my other holdings. Would you select 6 - 8 of the above that you think are less likely to perform well over 5+ years, and could be sold, and maybe 2 - 4 that could be added to. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on November 18, 2020

Q: I hold all 4 of these stocks in my portfolio and because of the decrease in the price of oil all are on the small side as a percentage of my portfolio. Thinking of rolling all into one stock and wondering what stock you feel will recover quickest in an oil recovery and which stock do you feel is the safest.


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on October 28, 2020

Q: Please rate the above for survival and continued Div. payout in the next 5 years, based on cash- flow that well covers the dividend . I am a senior and need income. I have a position in all the above and would like a rating best first. Please insert your suggestions for the above criteria.

Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on September 29, 2020

Q: Good morning
I like that FRU does not have direct exploration and production risk, and was considering FRU for 'safe' income and some growth in dividend and capital over time. The surprise resignation of the CEO gives one pause. Does 5i have any information on why Thomas Mullane resigned? Does 5i see underlying red flags here? How does 5i rate FRU's overall position in the industry for 'safe' income and some growth in an industry under pressure?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Edward on September 17, 2020

Q: Hi, if i want some canadian exposure to energy, do you believe I should take a basket approach ? Like I buy an equal position in those 4 stocks ? Do you think it could offer wide appreciation potential ? If you have a better suggestion or other stocks to propose, feel free. Thanks !

Read Answer Asked by jean on June 17, 2020

Q: I am a "buy and hold" long term investor. I have held these stocks for over five years on the assumption that at least one of the pipelines would be built and the stocks would regain at least some of their losses. Of course that hasn't happened. With the Covid-19 situation I am concerned about a serious downturn in the economy during the next 18 months. As these stocks are already extrememly low, I am wondering if they will survive, let alone improve, during the next year or so. Based on income, debt levels, and future prospects, please rank each company according the possibility of failure.

Read Answer Asked by Joyce on May 13, 2020

Q: I have multiple questions. Please charge accordingly:
What is Freehold's revised dividend? Time to buy now?
Please comment on Vermillion results. Time to buy at $6?
What is Knight's revised shareholder account after 12M share buyback?
Is Lightspeed rebounding too fast or would you step in now?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on April 29, 2020

Q: hi
I own the above oil stocks. WCP is small and in TFSA, so I will keep it.
I have oversized position in Parex, but Vet and Fru are small. Looking to sell at least one, today, would you sell Vet or FRU or both ? I am comfortable with my position in Parex but wondering if better opportunities are available in other sectors. Which are your favorites sectors when coming out of this?

Read Answer Asked by Francois on April 13, 2020

Q: I am retired and have both a cash and RIF account. In my cash account are the big 5 Banks, T & BCE, FRU & IPL. I see that IPL has cut the dividend & FRU has a "1,437% Pay out Ratio (PoR)!! I have mostly REITs in my RIF & EXE & CHE.
I'm not concerned re the banks or telecoms but the PoR of FRU, CHE & EXE are of concern to me. I also feel that in the longer term, the REITs will survive especially with interest rates so low. Also, to replace IPL would you consider PPL
Your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 09, 2020

Q: Realizing that you don't have a crystal ball can you suggest how safe you think the dividends are for DIV, FRU and A&W?
I am seeking dividends in a registered account and if the dividends from the above companies are threatened or cut I guess the stock price would would really collapse. I am thinking I could sell and replace them with a much safer dividend ETF like FDV (or anthing you suggest). On the other hand, if you think they might be
Ok, they sure are paying one heck of a dividend right now and if the stock price could recover in due course I would just be as well off continuing to hold.

Read Answer Asked by David on March 23, 2020