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Investment Q&A

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Q: Could you please advise what percentages of there production is in oil, in gas, and in liquids for companies pey, arx, bir, tou, and ovv. Seeing that the new gas pipeline to the coast is expected to begin operations in early 2024 for LNG, I wonder which of these 5 companies is best suited to take advantage of this pipeline, or any other company that comes to mind. Many tnx.

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 06, 2023

Q: My only energy holding is ENB, and I'm thinking of replacing it with something with greater growth prospects. Dividends are not too important. Are there any of the stocks listed you would suggest at this time? (Or any others??)

Read Answer Asked by Jim on August 09, 2023

Q: Arc has been rising steadily for some months now, and has been outperforming many of its peers. It has now grown to my largest holding at over 7% of the portfolio. I would appreciate your view of the reasons for its seeming outperformance. It is in an unregistered portfolio so cutting back would generate substantial capital gains.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 04, 2023

Q: I sold my TOU & ARX about 2 months ago when the price of gas dropped and I was glad I did because both stocks drop app 20%. Right now the price of gas is still only about $2.30 and I hear that there is currently an over supply of Gas in North America (not sure about Europe - but I don't believe either company can get Gas to Europe yet) but both TOU and ARC are both rising. Why? Based on the current price of GAS both companies will see a huge drop in earnings this year. What am I missing??

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on April 19, 2023

Q: If we were to see a recovery in the price of natural gas, what companies would have the most upside potential from their current price?
Of the names listed, as of today, would you consider them a buy, sell, or hold and why? Thank you for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Dustin on April 14, 2023

Q: I am looking at our future LNG prospects and intend on increasing my positions in TOU, ARX and BIR. Can you firstly comment on this strategy for a long term play and secondly evaluate each company on its merits. Is there a company that would be a better choice.
Please deduct as many questions as you determine,

Read Answer Asked by Denis on April 06, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
3 questions I believe, so please deduct accordingly:
In each of the following groupings which name do you see as having the largest gain (dividends and capital gain) after a three year hold and, if you would, brief reasons for your choices. Also, if any seem to you a bad idea to buy and pay little attention to for three years, please say so,
I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 14, 2022

Q: I own Arc Resources. Some investors are suggesting the FCF is just not there anymore. It used to be higher (I believe around 25% FCF yield) but as of June 2022 it was reported to be closer to 15-17% FCF yield. Possibly one could get a higher yield with another energy company? I am thinking about selling, taking profits and adding to Surge Energy. I would like to hear your comments. Are there any issues with ARX? Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on November 29, 2022

Q: Hello Folks:
The oil and gas sector has provided good upside compared to tech and other segments.
Consequently we now have oversize exposure to this sector 20-25% weighting.
In your opinion have we seen most of the upside from this sector and perhaps should move some money elsewhere; particularly CVX, WCP, ARX and Hess? What is your opinion and also of which sectors have most upside?
Thanks for your great service!!!!

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 24, 2022