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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Looking at adding to my TFSA portfolio (junior investor - not playing with a ton of cash). Iíve had my eye on WELL for a few months and Iím looking to get in because of your recommendations. What would you say is a good price to buy at?

Also, could you rank ENB, ARX.TO, and SU.TO? Looking at enbridge alternatives, but maybe ENB is the best best way to go?

Would you prefer SHOP or LSPD.TO?

Out of all the above companies (WELL, SHOP, SU, ARX, LSPD, ENB), what order would you buy in?

Comfortable with a bit of risk.

Thanks for all you do!

Read Answer Asked by Carol on June 21, 2021

Q: When Arc and Seven Gen merged, analysts were very positive on the merger, as was 5i. Credit agencies reinforced the positive vibes by giving a major rating upgrade. But the stock has subsequently dropped by some 10% in value and a significant short position hangs over the shares. What is holding back the share price and giving shorts so much interest? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by JACK on April 28, 2021

Q: Considering investing in these six companies equally. Is there any you would not recommend? Please list in order of preference.

Read Answer Asked by ed on April 23, 2021

Q: Canadian Natural Gas producers seem wildly undervalued (to me anyway...) Checking my thesis here: Natural Gas netbacks are showing 40% increases over last year, and 2020 was almost 80% higher than 2019. Carbon sequestration makes maximum sense as an alternative revenue stream, and it appears at least one company (AAV) is doing just that. Valuation multiples remain very low (which is fine if one is going to invest) but it remains puzzling to me. Am I missing something? Or are all hydrocarbon stocks being re-rated (lower) due to ESG concerns? Are O&G stocks the new "Tobacco" stocks (this reference may dates me somewhat...) Any high level thoughts here to help me in decision making?

Read Answer Asked by David on April 23, 2021

Q: The above stocks had good upward movement on Friday and wondering if was in response to aav report on carbon neutral technology ? Your thoughts for the future of this for aav and the natural gas industry? aav a buy?

Read Answer Asked by kenneth on April 05, 2021

Q: Hi 5i:

Great advice in2020! Wonderful service. I currently hold KL and ABX at @ 2.5% of portfolio. Looking to add a junior producer to increase my weighting. Which would you prefer from EQX, WDO and BTO and what advantage would it have over the other choices? In addition, having done well with TOU (2%), I would like to add to my gas position. My choice is ARX. Advice or other suggestions please. Existing positions and new purchases would be in TFSA. Please deduct form question credits as appropriate.

To staff and families at 5i - be safe and stay well and thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 06, 2021

Q: I have losses on ERF and ARX, thinking of switching them to one or combination of CNE, SU and TOU or any suggestion you may have for less risk and better recovery. Your opinion please. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Saad on November 27, 2020

Q: Please take as many question credits
you need to fully answer this. I would like growth and reasonably safe stocks. I have losses in all of these; should I sell and take the loss? Hold as they are likely to recover in next 6--12 months? Thanks. Helen

Read Answer Asked by Helen on October 05, 2020