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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Where would I look to find yearly historical AUM numbers for ETFs and Mutual funds traded in Canada? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Raymond on June 28, 2024
Q: I hold ZQQ for tech exposure. It has grown 33.8% over the last year. I've noticed that RBF619, a Life Science and Technology fund, has grown 39.9% over the same period even with a much higher MER - 0.94% vs 0.39%. I assume this is due to the life science component in RBF619, including high performing stocks like Lilly. Would you switch ZQQ to RBF619 or are there other alternatives that provide a better tech return than ZQQ.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on June 11, 2024
Q: What do you think of AIM1517 for international exposure?

I have a couple of mutual funds left in my RRSP that I bought YEARS ago. I’m trying to decide if I should keep them or replace them with an ETF(s)? I currently hold XEC and XEF for international exposure. Is it worth keeping AIM1517 for international exposure, it’s 60%+ US stock so not sure how international it really is. Would something like XEC and XEF make more sense and provide better overall results? Is there a better ETF(s) I should be looking at for that goal?
Read Answer Asked by Raymond on June 11, 2024
Q: Hi,

Is there a way for me to buy US and/or Global small cap stocks in Canadian dollars? Your answers from the archives suggest XCS which deals only with Canadian small caps. Any ETF or Mutual Fund in CAD for the US/Global Small caps? What is your favourite Mutual Fund? I know you don't like their high MERs. Neither do I. :) Many thanks.

P.S. I searched in ETF and MF Newsletter to no avail. Still no easy search function ;) Long over due folks.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on June 03, 2024
Q: Good Morning
Am I correct that these three TD Waterhouse Savings accounts TDB8150, TDB8155, and TDB8159 are EACH separately insured to $100,000 by Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation? Even if all three are in my Cash account? I am just wanting the safest place to park cash for awhile with decent interest.
Thanking you........ Paul K
Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 29, 2024
Q: Currently this fund makes up approximately 21% of my portfolio and is my only diversified holding. It at 7.6% yield makes up 40% of my monthly income and pension makes up balance.The 1.05% and of course a good % of yield is roc. Would you suggest any better alternative or ? Thanks Larry
Read Answer Asked by Larry on May 23, 2024
Q: Hi,
I’m trying to help my friend organize her investments. She has minimal understanding of investments securities and had to move her pension to LIRA and RRSP 15 years and told Canada Life mutual funds that she was conservative profile. Fast forward 15 years her mutual funds have made her minimal money with back ended fees. The funds range in MERS from 1.6% to 2.5%. In looking at her holdings the portfolio make up is approximately
Fixed income - 22%, Balanced income %11, Cnd equity 62%, resources/specialty -2%. Retirement is still 10-15 years away. (Her husband has a pension)What ETF’s would match this asset mix to help get her started independently and move away from the high fees? I was thinking VBAL … But it is conservative. Any suggestions would be great to provide choice on where to invest her money. Please take as many credits as you want.
Thanks so much!
Read Answer Asked by KERRI on May 23, 2024
Q: Are margin requirements the same for Mutual funds versus ETF s ?
Example FID Gobal Innovators Fund versus the ETF.
Read Answer Asked by Gary on May 07, 2024
Q: What is the difference or implication buying Global Innovators mutual fund versus buying Global Innovators mutual fund?
Read Answer Asked by Gary on May 07, 2024
Q: in general do you favour etfs or mutaul funds for a sector investment?
Read Answer Asked by Gary on May 03, 2024
Q: I am in a quandary on what to do with esb shares that I have. I don't understand how the underlying stocks have doubled but the unit value of esb has FINALLY gotten up to a point where they are paying $.10 a share. I have no idea why the nav has taken so long to get to over $5.00. I fear that the shares will not hold their value, my cost is $.80, thinking about selling and buying some mid cap oils, like tve or bte, what are your thoughts
Read Answer Asked by auftar on May 01, 2024
Q: I am helping my in-laws take ownership of their investments. Presently, they have the majority of their funds managed by banks/'financial advisors' in high fee mutual funds. What is your opinion of the following funds and can you offer equivalent low-cost ETF solutions? RBF209, RBF269, RBF272, Invesco Global Select Equity Series P
Read Answer Asked by Matthew on March 22, 2024
Q: Name the top 5 mutual funds you would recommend for strong growth with high roi
Read Answer Asked by Gary on March 01, 2024