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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Since the beginning of this year, I can think of 3 companies that were able to list on the TSX with a very limited float of shares available. Examples: DRDR, FDGE, MAGT. Even a few shares can move the share prices quite a bit, both up and down. How is it that the TSX has allowed these limited shares to be accepted and listed there. What are the listing rules generally for these type of cos. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by george on August 05, 2021

Q: Just trying to clarify post split prices and dividend numbers on various sites.
For ex., CP was $11.66 on 22Jun2011 and paid a dividend of 0.06 per quarter.
On the 14May21 CP split 5:1 so you got 5 shares for each one you previously held.
Charts, TD webbroker for example, show no change in either the price nor dividend amount pre and post split. So one assumes they have adjusted the pre split prices by dividing by 5 back to the beginning of the chart?
The annual dividend about is now $0.19/qtr or 0.76 annually. If one held CP prior to the split, his total dividend would then be 5 X 0.76 or $3.80 annually?
The dividend value indicated on 22Jun2011 of $0.06 would not need to be adjusted as the dividend per share went from $0.06 to $0.19 over the total period?

Read Answer Asked by John on August 05, 2021

Q: A reply to James regarding BMO. I have a margin account with BMO with mix of Canadian and US currencies. Dividends are credited in the currency of the issuer, I can settle sale and purchases in either currency of my choice. Nothing ever converted unless I choose to do it. Complete flexibility online. So I wonder if it is familiarity with the online system that is not getting James to do his choice or maybe it is a different rules for registered accounts.

Read Answer Asked by Saad on August 05, 2021

Q: I have held FIH.U for several years now and although it has snapped back nicely from itís covid low, it is still well below where it was trading 3 years ago and has for the most part been a disappointment. Iím OK hanging on to it but am also considering tendering to the Dutch auction as a good way to exit. If one were to tender their shares, at what price point between the $12.50 - $15 range do you feel would be the sweet spot where you get the highest price yet still have a high likelihood the shares will end up being purchased by the company?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on August 04, 2021

Q: A reply to James regarding BMO. I use BMO Investorline, but don't have a US account. However, in my RRSP account, I bought a US ETF in CAD, but when I sold it, I selected to settle in US dollars and it allowed me to do this. The exchange rate didn't make sense to me and when I called and asked for an explanation it still wasn't convincing. Not the same as what you're dealing with, but I agree that sometimes they don't appear to be very helpful. I've had both good and bad experiences, it almost seems like it depends on who answers the phone. It doesn't make sense that they can't do what you're asking for.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on August 04, 2021

Q: I want to understand the economic and financial impact of the Fedís tapering itís bond purchases. Is there a good source(s) that discusses this topic in detail and what the difference in impact compared to raising the Fedís rate?
I would also appreciate a summary response from you on this.

Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on August 03, 2021

Q: re: Moez's Jun 29/2021 article on "Canadian Stocks that pay US dividends: Could you confirm your understanding to be that in order to receive in US dollars, the US $ dividend that these Cdn Stocks issue, that the Cdn stocks must be journaled over to an equivalent US$ account (eg Cdn $ TFSA to US$ TFSA, or Cdn $ RRIF to US$ RRIF)? My brokerage says this is what must be done and that they will not charge any currency exchange premium on this). And, if that is done for Cdn stocks held in either a TFSA (US $ )account or a RRIF (US$) account that there will be no US tax withheld on dividends ?
Many thanks in advance for clarifying .

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on August 03, 2021

Q: Hello Peter and Team, Iím hoping you (or some of my fellow members) might be able to shed light on a problem Iím having. I set up my self-directed accounts at BMO Investorline to permit both CAD and USD. I recently discovered that despite that, my Canadian holdings that pay their dividends in USD (e.g., Magna) have unilaterally been converted by BMO into CAD (to their profit of course). I have been trying to get an explanation from BMO for six months. Their responses have ranged from ignoring me, to non-answers, to a promised written response that never arrived. Their Ďpracticeí seems to be that if I purchased a stock in a particular currency, they will credit the dividends to my account in that currency (converting if necessary) even though I didnít ask for that to be done and donít want to pay for such unwanted FX services. As I was unable to find anything in any of my BMO account agreements that dictates this practice, I was told they would point it out and advise me in writing ďnext weekĒ. That was six weeks ago. I feel Iím being Ďskimmedí improperly. Any comments? Are others having this problem? Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by James on August 03, 2021

Q: I am a subscriber to my 3 grandchildren's RESP accts. What happens when I die. Who can continue to supervise the accounts and make contributions? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by george on August 03, 2021

Q: Recent G&M article suggested that CIBC has initiated CDRs for Amazon and plans other U.S. stocks also; must one open a CIBC account to purchase this product or will it be available through other institutions? (on NEO exchange)

Read Answer Asked by don on July 30, 2021

Q: On Yahoo finance today at 11:32 adt, it show a volume spike of 52.9K. On the TSX site under "Trading History" for the same time, there is no indication of that many shares being traded, not even close. On my Questrade "Time and Sales" it's not there either. I thought volume on bar charts where actual traded shares, if this is not the case, is what I'm seeing on Yahoo the level of Ask and Buys, but not actual trades? Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Juanita on July 29, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,
CIBC launches depository receipts for shares in US companies. The first to launch was CDR NEO: AMZN-NE on the NEO exchange.
The shares are hedged to the Cdn dollar.
For Amazon with a cost per share of $3,622 US the cost per share on the NEO is 22.86 Cdn.
CIBC will be launching more of CDRs for more US companies in the next days. What is your take on this method of buying into US companies without spending a lot of US dollars?

Read Answer Asked by Ron on July 29, 2021

Q: Me, want to share this zinger that made me chuckle like hahaaaa.....BNN attributes it to Lorne Steinberg​ that I understand is a "value portfolio manager"
here is Lorne's "elbow" at investment analysts - If investment analysts were meteorologists, rain would never be in the forecast.​

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 29, 2021

Q: I will soon start to withdraw from my RRSP and I am looking for tax saving ideas. I donít like the idea that if I was hit by a bus tomorrow (aside from negative outcome for me) that my RRSP would be taxed at 53.53% and my dependents would be left with less than my hard-earned savings. I need your advice and yes I will look both ways before crossing the street. I recently listened to an audio by Allan Schieman where he suggests flow-through shares as a tax saving option. It seems like an interesting idea with some risk. I searched and found a Maple Leaf Fund managed by Craig Porter in BC. I suspect there are many pitfalls here, and I seek your advice and input on two questions i.e, 1. are there any reasonable/recommended flow-through share investment vehicles to help save taxes and 2. How else can I reduce RRSP withdrawal taxes? Please deduct as many questions you see fit. Thanks for your valuable advice.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on July 29, 2021

Q: I realize that markets can be somewhat unpredictable at best sometimes but I see some commentators who say that fall through to spring is a good period for some commodities per se. I try not to invest or trade based on these notions but rather on the merits of a company and 5I advice. However I noted once that 5I had a comment that August/September seemed to be a good period for technology stocks. Does this seem to be a general trend
Thank You for Your great service

Read Answer Asked by Clarence on July 28, 2021

Q: This question is about trimming a position when overweight relative to the portfolio.
Previously, I monitored the weighting for a specific position depending on which of each of the 4 portfolios it was in - †Cdn Balanced, US Balanced, Cdn Income and Cdn Growth.
But then I signed up for Portfolio Analytics.
Taking WSP as an example, it is about 8% in the Cdn Balanced portfolio. But well under in the one, all inclusive portfolio, like less than 5%.
Going forward, do I continue to trim based on the weighting within each of the 4 separate portfolios or based on the one all inclusive portfolio, aka the Portfolio Analysis one???
Thanks for settling this quandary of mine........Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 28, 2021

Q: Does anyone know why he & Fast Money, etc are NOT on CNBC CH # 79 in Toronto as of yesterday?


Read Answer Asked by Austin on July 27, 2021